ARRI Full Double Scrim for 1K Fresnel, Arrisun 5 PAR, Compact HMI 575W (7 3/4")

Used Cat #2950422 • MFR #L2.0005098
Condition: 9 Minor surface marks
Very good condition; overall looks clean but may have minor signs of use/surface marks
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ARRI L2.0005098 Overview

This is an ARRI Full Double Scrim that fits the 1K Fresnel, Arrisun 5, Compact HMI 575W, or any fixture that accepts a 7.75" accessory. Scrims are metal screens mounted in a metal frame. They are placed in front of a light to reduce light intensity.

ARRI makes four different types of scrims:

  • Full Single: This scrim covers the entire lightface and reduces the intensity of the entire light beam.
  • Full Double: This scrim covers the whole face of the light. It has two metal screens in it, reducing light intensity by two times the amount of the full single.
  • Half Single: This scrim only covers half of the lightface reducing half of the light intensity.
  • Half Double: This scrim is the same as the half single but reduces light intensity twice as much.

Half scrims may be rotated in position for more precise control.

ARRI L2.0005098 Specs

Scrim Type
Full Double
7.75" / 19.7 cm

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