15 hours ago
In photography vernacular, there’s something called the “medium format look.” This distinctive but hard-to-describe look is...


by Staff Writer
15 hours ago
Luxli has expanded its Orchestra lineup to include the Fiddle, a lightweight, portable RGBAW LED light that can fit in your...

Pro Audio

18 hours ago
Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, synthesizer manufacturers have been churning out some magnificent instruments...


1 week ago
Whether you’re traveling from city to city or from one room to the next in your house, staying productive can often mean...

Home Entertainment

1 month ago
Well, it’s official: streaming media has officially won the content wars. Physical media fought hard, but in the end, its...


3 days ago
Expand your online impact by shooting your vlogs, livestreams, YouTube videos, and social media posts with new RØDE Vlogger...