5 of the Coolest Things We Saw at CE 2018

CE Week 2018 took place at the Jacob Javits Center. As in years past, manufacturers and startup consumer electronics companies from all over converged to show off their wares and expand their professional networks. We spent a few hours walking the aisles, checking out the cool new gear, and here are a few notable standouts.

SiliconDust HD Homerun Prime 6

If you're tired of exorbitant cable fees that only seem to go higher and higher, or paying for multiple cable boxes, some of which you barely even use, then SiliconDust is here to help with its growing line of HDHomeRun set-top boxes. The HDHomeRun comes in a variety of options, allowing you to stream live TV to a single device, two devices, or three devices on your wired network. If that's not enough, SiliconDust has recently introduced (available later in 2018) the HDHomeRun Prime 6-a set-top tuner box that is capable of streaming live TV to up to six devices over your wired network; with six tuners built-in, each user can watch a different show at the same time. In addition to streaming live TV over your wired network, all HDHomeRun tuner boxes come compatible with subscription-based HDHomeRun DVR service, allowing you to pause live TV, record content to a local NAS storage device, and much more. Don't want to be tied down? Take your TV viewing with you around the house and watch your favorite content on your Android or iOS-based smartphone or tablet, laptop, or desktop computer using the HDHomeRun App.


Marantz Turret

As a content creator always on the lookout for new equipment, the Marantz Turret caught my eye immediately. It's a desktop unit with a 1080p camera with built-in ring light and a microphone (with pop filter) on a boom arm with a shockmount. The camera and mic can each be tilted, and the boom arm offers the versatility to record close-up video, such as for makeup tutorials, or more distant recording for more leisurely settings, such as a podcast. The Turret features a one-touch mute button and a similar one-touch button to cut the video feed. It outputs to your computer via USB Type-C and includes a warm and cool light filter.

Marantz Professional Turret Broadcaster Video-Streaming System


Palm-sized, purse- and pocket-friendly, but definitely not a toy, the AirSelfie2 is an app-controlled camera drone that offers a new perspective on casual photography. Compatible with iOS and Android, this UAV is designed to connect quickly to your smartphone over 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and can take off from your outstretched hand. The built-in camera can capture 12MP still photos or Full HD 1080p videos on the onboard 16GB storage. To help keep your images and videos virtually blur-free, the AirSelfie2 is equipped with a series of stabilizing sensors to keep the drone steady. It can fly up to 65' up, so while it's marketed for selfies (and whatever you choose to call multi-person selfies), the ability to place a camera at just about any point in open space has our minds racing with photographic possibilities.

AirSelfie AirSelfie2 Portable Camera Drone

Pred Technologies Tokk

If you're looking for a device you can stream music and hands-free calling to without having anything in, on, or over your ears, then check out the Tokk, from Pred Technologies. It's a wearable Bluetooth speaker that quickly and easily clips to your clothing magnetically, the strap of your backpack, or anywhere its rubbery strap can wrap around. When attached and paired with your device of choice, you can stream audio while remaining fully connected with the world around you; have a conversation, be aware of vehicles when running outside, or listen for the doorbell at home. Tokk is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows, and works with your phone's digital assistants. Active noise cancellation helps to keep phone calls clear, and buttons on the Tokk let you manage calls, volume, and audio playback. When fully charged, you get up to four hours of continuous use and up to 40 hours of standby.

TOKK Wearable Bluetooth Speaker


CAT, the company more widely known for large construction equipment, showcased its S61 industrial smartphone. Rugged, IP68 and MIL 810G rated, it can withstand the rigors of a jobsite, but it's the professional-grade widgets in its digital toolbox that had us impressed. The rear of the phone incorporates a 16MP camera and a FLIR Lepton thermal sensor. These two components work together to provide fine detail to thermal imaging. The S61 also features sensors on the side of the phone that sniff the air for pollutants, such as paints and solvents. The 5.2" display will show you those air-quality warnings, as well as the ambient temperature and humidity. All these features don't come at the cost of your typical hi-end phone accoutrements; the S61 has an 8MP front-facing camera, Corning Gorilla Glass 5, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, 64GB of internal storage, and is powered by the Android Oreo OS. Unlocked and compatible with GSM/4G LTE networks, the S61 is ready to get to work.

Cat S60 32GB Smartphone (Unlocked)

What product are you excited to see from CE Week 2018? Let us know in the Comments section, below.

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