Auray Modular Boompole System: Versatile for ENG, EFP, and More


Go ahead, admit it. You need a boompole, but you aren’t excited about it. If you work in ENG, EFP, television, or film production, life without a boompole is cursed. So, should you start small or go big? There’s no pleasure in purchasing a bigger boompole after retiring the one you outgrew too quickly. On the flip side, you don’t want the embarrassment and hassle of showing up to the gig with a pole that’s too big. So, do you buy an assortment of poles? Well, do you want to head to a job with a bag so full of poles that you feel like a golfer lugging around your clubs? I think not. The inevitable result of this reality is that relying on a single boompole will surely let you down. That is, unless one boompole had the power to transform into many. Your needs change and you deserve a boompole that can adapt to meet those needs.

Meet Auray’s modular telescoping boompoles. Being modular, sections, cables, and adapters can be added or removed to create a custom configuration that suits the unique requirements of each situation, whether it is for news gathering, reality television, interviews, or films. The main system components are available in aluminum (ABP models) or carbon fiber (CFP models), with various pole lengths ranging from 2 to 16 feet. Both materials, aluminum and carbon fiber, are tough and stable. The most significant advantage of carbon fiber is its lightness. Be aware that carbon fiber also has the magical power of making your pocketbook lighter. Is a lighter boompole truly worth the increased cost? If your arms and back will be shouldering the weight of the pole day after day, I’d wager that a carbon fiber pole is the way to go. If you’ll be stand-mounting the pole or doing mostly short sessions, the slightly weightier and more affordable aluminum models might make more sense. Indeed, it depends on your situation.

Auray ABP-59B Aluminum Telescoping Boom Pole with Integrated XLR Cable

In addition to a choice of construction material, Auray gives you cable choices. There are models with and without internal coiled cables. The boompoles without internal cables have two benefits and one downside. The first benefit is lower cost. The second is cable choice. Purists in pursuit of the ultimate audio fidelity argue that the highest level of quality is unlocked via a single preferred external cable, rather than chaining an internal cable to an external cable. The downside is the increased amount of time spent dressing and coiling an external cable versus an internal cable that is always ready to go. The boompoles with internal cables offer the advantage of faster setup, due to decreased time spent on cable management. However, when collapsing a boompole that features an internal cable, you should use caution to avoid damaging the cable. To counteract that danger, Auray’s boompoles feature sections that do not turn, which prevents internal cables from twisting. If you ever need to replace the internal cable, Auray has designed its boompole cable systems to allow for easy replacement with no soldering. Auray’s cabled ABP-series aluminum poles feature straight XLR connectors, while the cabled CFP-series carbon fiber poles utilize right-angle connectors for extra clearance. Additionally, you can choose between bottom-exit or side-exit configurations, or get a side-exit adapter later. The main advantage of the side-exit design is the ability to rest the pole on its bottom (in between takes) without the risk of damaging the cable or connector.

When it comes to the issue of length, Auray understands that one size doesn’t fit all. Auray’s carbon fiber boompoles can be expanded via optional extension tube accessories, ranging from 2 to 6' in length. Auray’s multi-section boompoles boast comfortable-to-grip, ergonomic twist locks that can be operated with a single hand. All Auray multi-section boompoles feature the same anti-twist design to prevent the tube sections from rotating independently of each other.

Auray CFP-ET Extension Tube Accessory with TA3 Cable for CFP Boom Poles

The longer the boompole, the more challenging it is to balance. Auray offers a balance weight for its carbon fiber poles. To improve stability, reduce fatigue, and minimize pain when using long poles and weighty microphones, add the balance weight to achieve better weight distribution. It installs easily on the bottom of an Auray CFP side-exit or non-cabled boompole.

Auray CFP-BW Balance Weight for Auray Boom Poles

For fixed-position recording scenarios, consider an Auray Boompole Holder. It fits on C-stands and mic stands, and holds a boompole steady and stationary, allowing hands-free operation. For mounting your boompole onto a lighting stand, check out the Auray Boompole Holder and Grip Head Kit.

Auray Boom Pole Holder

Auray’s many boompole options are optimized to meet the demands of a wide variety of projects. Configure the pole that’s right for you now, and rest easy knowing that you have expandability for the future.