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One of the coolest things about being a guitarist in a band is that you get to rock out with an awesome looking electric guitar. The same thing goes for drummers. There are few things that are cooler looking than drum sets. But what about the lead singer? Microphones are sort of cool looking, but that doesn't really cut it. The solution is to hit the stage with a stylish chrome Ultimate Support MC-90C mic stand.

Ultimate Support MC-90C Bring It On Sucka - Custom Microphone StandThe MC-90C Bring It On Sucka

Every live performer yearns to blow the roof off the place when they get on stage, and with the MC-90C Bring It On Sucka, you'll be armed with the fire power to pull this off every time. The grip on every MC-90C model allows you to conveniently raise and lower the stand height with one hand (in the event your other one is blown off). 

Suggested Accessories:

The Heil Sound PR-22 Vocal Microphone (Red Pearl color)

A 25-foot Canare XLR Mic Cable (also red in color)

A WindTech 900 Series Foam Windscreen (yup, also red in color)

Ultimate Support MC-90C Are You Talking To Me - Custom Microphone StandThe MC-90C Are You Talking To Me

If you really want to knock the audience out, this mic stand is for you. With its brass knuckle hand grip and comic book style POW! base plate, this is one microphone stand that you don't want to bump into in a dark alley. 

Suggested Accessories:

The ElectroVoice Cardinal Microphone (red in color)

A 25-foot Canare XLR Mic Cable (also red in color)

 Ultimate Support MC-90C Love Hate - Custom Microphone Stand

The MC-90C Love Hate

If you're not sure which side of the fence you're on, Ultimate Support offers the MC-90C Love Hate. The base plate features a chrome heart in flames, while the hand grip is shaped like a cone. Ice cream anyone?  

Suggested Accessories:

The Heil Sound PR-22 Vocal Microphone (in Pink Pearl color)

A WindTech 900 Series Foam Windscreen (also Pink)

Ultimate Support MC-90C Smell Rubber - Custom Microphone Stand

The MC-90C Smell Rubber

If you hate leaving your car outside in the parking lot when you're on stage rocking in the club, the MC-90C Smell Rubber is for you. Its base plate looks like a hot rod's hub cap, and the hand grip is styled after a 1960's era gear shift.

Suggested Accessories:

The Shure 55SH/II Cardioid Dynamic Lo-Z Microphone (old school vintage stylings)

The Blue Cranberry XLR Microphone Cable (cranberry in color, not blue)

 Ultimate Support MC-90C Venom

The MC-90C Venom

Do you have eight legs? Do you spin a web and inject venom into your prey? Are you also the lead singer of a band? If so, your search for the ultimate microphone stand is over! The MC-90C Venom features an awesome spider web base, and a chrome spider at the top of its ergonomic hand grip.

Suggested Accessories:

The Elecro Voice Raven Dynamic Vocal Mic (black and very cool looking)

An Audio Technica 25 Foot Mic Cable (a standard mic cable, black as the night)

All of the MC-90C models come with a gig bag, so you can look like an official musician when you're in transit too. Finally, a lead singer can get some gear to take their stage presence to the next level. We're still waiting for a product to come out that can make keyboardists look cool.

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Venom..........DOPE!  Smell Rubber...........SUPER DOPE!  Love Hate............NO HATE FROM ME JUST LOVE!  Are You Talking To Me.........WITH THIS MIC STAND NOBODIES TALKING TO ME!  Bring It On Sucka..........SERIOUSLY BRING IT ON SUCKA!

Yo, chill out people! These things are sweet! It has nothing to do with war and fighting, it is just to be different. And idk about you, but I am an american and I still yet have a little fight in me for my country. Get over all this love and peace BS and grow a pair!

Okay, the top ranking video game this year is a game where you pretend to be fighting in a modern war. The advertisements make a joke out of it. AC/DC plays in the background, and vibe is fun and exciting as you watch soldiers in battle. This game is marketed to our kids as top of the line entertainment....and your worried about a mic stand?

Why not pre-installed flowers?

Pretty interesting how the article was posted on the 3rd, but nobody commented until the 9th. If everyone is so outraged that these products exist, why did it take so long for people to say something?

Oh right, because people don't actually say what they think, they just hop on a bandwagon after the first person steps forward with this garbage. Lemmings.

Mic stands shaped like brass knuckles and grenades are not going to be the downfall of society. If you don't like them, don't buy them. Not every product is made for every person. I don't have any use for the Hello Kitty stuff that was mentioned in an article here, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't exist.

Where's all the outrage for the tactical flashlights that can be used as actual weapons, and other products that are actually dangerous? Let's stop selling them all and wrap ourselves in bubble wrap while freaking out over a lousy mic stand.

Or, we could all just get a life and stop complaining about things that don't matter. If there's no market for these stands, they'll cease to exist. In the meantime, people who want them will buy them, and I wager that most of them aren't running around with actual grenades.

This is really cool.  It would work great with rock concerts, MMA tounaments, car racing and gun shows.  Venom is a great prop for cartoons or comic book conventions.

So idiot.

These don't offend me, but I was really hoping "with attitude" meant extremely durable, as opposed to just goofy looking.

A boom stand you could hang 20 pounds off, that's my idea of attitude.

Jeez, you guys are tightly wound. They are just mic stands. Have you been living under a rock? If these upset you, there are a tone of bands out there that would probably make you cry.

I think you might be taking things a bit too seriously.

You say shaped, I say chaped.

Looking for the Gernade chaped camera to take on my trip to Dubai, anyone have any suggestions?

Lame idea, Lame design,  Lame marketing decisions by both manufacturer and retailer. I always considered B&H to operate at a more respectable level.., I just hope the photographic dept. doesn't head in this direction.

i  just see  me  unloading a truck or walking around some hotel ballroom with one of those gernade and having homeland security  jump on me and giving me a beat down .     good for the old  CBGB's  not for corporate av    even though there are a few  CEO's  i like to use the brass knuckles on .

 I'm not going to get all hot and bothered by the social implications of these mic stands. I checked them out hoping to find something cool and interesting to buy. I think it's cool that someone is making mic stands with some cool style, but these are not quite what I was hoping for. Interesting, yes. My style, no. Not into hand grenades, or brass knuckles. Maybe it's just better I stick with a cool Shure 55 mic that has been retrofitted with a condenser element and internal LED lights and a normal, no frills mic stand.

Funny. For a minute. Or less.  Like a funny bumper sticker.  If you use this on stage, watch for rolling eyeballs and don't get your hopes up about being taken seriously.  See also: Millenium Falcon bedspread.

Francis: The only thing wrong with these mic stands is that they are in very bad taste. You should be offended by the aesthetics and idea, not the implications on our "violent society". A band that would use one of these would either be hillarious and ironic or hillarious because they are bad. The fact that you don't get that say a lot...

 These are in bad taste on a number of different levels, aesthetically being only the first.

Loving B&H as a photographer, I was psyched at their expansion into musical equipment, but this item shows that this department is not nearly as discerning.

It would be wonderful if B&H were as consistently excellent in both areas.

Be Kool. Soon to be: A gun barrel mike with flowers sticking out the end 

Yeah, this is a horrible idea.

Horrible horrible horrible idea.

After everything that's going on and has been going on...

Please take them off!

Calm down, Buttnut! Actually 'Francis' is not the one with the impacted cerebral cortex! Many people are tired of the military-fetish marketing that abounds today.

Lighten up, Francis....it was meant as a marketing ploy and nothing more. Relax your politically correct bowels and go eat some prunes and dates. The excrement is infecting yout thoughts~!

Are you kidding me - in such a violent society we live in here is a music related company selling mic stands with Brass Knuckles and Hand-Granade handles. Shame on you B&H for selling this garbage. IT IS NOT COOL.