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Turn the Page with AirTurn AT-104 and BT-105 Wireless Page Turners


If you read electronic sheet music, lyrics, or scripts, then AirTurn is a welcome innovation. Historically, musicians who read charts have been burdened with the hassle of turning their own pages. Whether you turn the page yourself or rely on someone else, there’s always a chance of catastrophe—especially in front of a packed house. The AirTurn makes turning electronic sheet music pages as easy as a tapping your foot.

The AirTurn AT-104 is an electronic page-turner that works via a clever wireless footswitch. The revolutionary AT-104 offers simple plug-and-play connectivity and a USB receiver to send page-turn commands to your computer or tablet. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, and it has a transmission distance of up to 100 feet. Each transmitter and receiver has a unique pairing, so there’s no interference when multiple musicians are reading separate charts. The AT-104 is powered by two AA batteries.

AirTurn also makes a Bluetooth page-turner called the BT-105 that is perfect for tablets and Bluetooth-enabled computers. It can easily flip through sheet music, documents and even teleprompter text. The BT-105 has a maximum range of 60 feet, and its internal battery is recharged via USB for up to 100 hours of standby usage. The BT-105 pairs automatically with an iPad for quick setup and a de-bounce filter prevents inadvertent foot taps from resulting in unwanted page turns. The AT-104 and BT-105 work with most document and presentation apps for Mac or PC.

The AT-104 and BT-105 come with ATFS-2 silent foot pedals made of ABS and polycarbonate plastic. The pedals feature a textured no-slip surface, a simple molded hinge, and no other moving parts; a neodymium magnet embedded in the foot pedal silently activates a rhodium reed switch. You can use one footswitch to turn pages forward or two footswitches to turn pages both ways.

If you already have footswitches that you like to use, you can get the BT-105 with no pedals; it comes with 1/4" to 1/8" adapter cables to ensure connectivity with a wide range of third-party pedals. You can also get the BT-105 with 2 Boss Foot Pedals if you prefer those over the ATFS-2 pedals.

The AirTurn MusicReader PDF 4 software allows you to take all of your electronic sheet music with you wherever you go. Simple search functions allow you to find any chart quickly and organize music into custom playlists. It supports a number of different formats to view your music in, and you can customize your page turns and annotate your scores with multi-color digital ink. Music Reader PDF 4 works with all PDF files and is compatible with Mac and PC computers. You even get a full set of musician’s tools including a metronome, audio recorder/player and an audio/visual tuner. Made in the U.S.A, AirTurn is sure to make a musician’s life easier.

  AirTurn AT-104 AirTurn BT-105
Connections 1/4" mono jack x 1 (PG/UP); 1/4" stereo jack x 1 (PG/DN & PG/UP) 1/8" stereo jacks x 2; USB charging port
Frequency 2.4 GHz (65,000 IDs) N/A
Bluetooth Specification  N/A Bluetooth 2.1/2.0/1.2/1.1 module (fully qualified); Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR; 26 uA deep sleep  mode;  <3mA sniff mode; 30 mA TX; Compliance: FCC, CE, RoHS
Range 100' (30 m)  One Wall: 60' (18.3 m); Two Walls: 55' (16.8 m); Three Walls: 36' (11 m)
Power Requirements  2 x AA batteries (1.5 V) Internal 430 mAh lithium polymer battery
Battery Life  Several weeks (actual usage may vary) 100 hours (standby)
Operating Temperature  32 to 108°F (0 to 42°C) 32 to 108°F (0 to 42°C)
Relative Humidity  20 to 90% 20 to 90%
System Requirements  Windows Vista, 7 or Mac OS 9, 10 Not Specified


Just got a BT-105 pedal...paired it with my Lenovo ideapad.  It works flawlessly as long as it is within 2 feet.  If I move 3 ft away it begins to malfunction (delay page turns, etc) and if I move away approx 5-6 fett, it will not communicate at all. it's a new I'm wondering if it's just a bad pedal.  The spec sheet says a range of up to 60 ft... but I can't get over 3.  Anyone else had this problem?  Help!

Hi Richard -

I have read through hundreds of customer feedback comments and not found that there are any known issues regarding the reliable range of this device.

Based on the information you have provided - the unit may be defective.  Please contact AirTurn directly:


Or go to: for more information and videos on the BT-105.

If purchased at B&H within the last 30 days you may contact:

The B&H Customer Service Team

Call: 800.221.5743 or 212.239.7765

Please contact us via e-mail: We will be happy to help you.

Can you help me understand if/how your 104 or 105 can handle my music application.

My base is a Windows 8.1 Touchscreen PC displaying multiple screen images...but primarily a copy of Guitar Player 5 TAB automatically scrolling note for note, along side a copy of Songbook Lyrics&Chords which I can advance (Page Turn) with a motion/gesture of the Touchscreen. (For fun I intend to add PC, PC Monitor and iPad dispays...connected wirelessly or through USB 3.0 to 7 port hubs) so other (jam) musicians can watch Songbook page turn on what ever dispay/device they bring).

My question is how can I use any of your AirTurn products to control one (hopefully -more than one) application running on my PC.

Can I buy your 4 switch model and program the switches as follows:

Pedal one:  page forward a Score in Songbook. (to be seen on my PC display and all others at the music jam)

Pedal two: same as Pedal  (but pageback) (ps if I have muliiple pages of music/lytics for one song(where increasing font size for improved old people visibility! may increase the number of pages for the song) how do you go back to page one without turning back one page at a time)

Pedal three: hit once to mute, hit twice to unmute a sound playing thru my pc speakers- such as a recording

Pedal four: Can I control the Guitar pro App also running on the PC...such as tap once to start and tap again to stop.

Also, how can I power you AirTurn products....without relying on (unreliable) batteries.

Larry Kraus  Tucson AZ

520-488-7378 (note: I can't easily retrieve voicemail)

Hi Larry -

Please contact AirTurn directly for an in-depth discussion with one of their product support engineers:


Or go to: for more information and videos on the BT-105.

Please contact us via e-mail: We will be happy to help you.


I recently purchased a used BT105, I'm having trouble pairing to my Lenovo Ideatab 6000 tablet, I've also tried pairing it with my HP Pavillion, still isn't recognized. Hooked it up to the USB port and it doesn't even show up as a device.

I've held the power button down for 8 seconds to reset it, I've also changed the profile by holding down pedal 1 2 turning the unit on and releasing the pedal.

Any suggestions?

Hi Dean -

Based on the information you have provided - the unit may be defective.  Please contact AirTurn directly:


Or go to: for more information and videos on the BT-105.

Please contact us via e-mail: We will be happy to help you.

With the iOS6 upgrade on my ipad my foot switch no longer turns one page forward and back depending which foot switch is pressed. I use Songbook.

Anyone help?