The World’s Most Popular Headphones Just Got Better


If you use Sony MDR-7506, V6, or Audio Technica M-30 headphones, then we have some very good news! The new Pearstone Deluxe Earpads are now available, and they do nothing short of making your current headphones vastly better than they already were. They’re called “deluxe” because they have soft velour pads and a smoother foam-backed surface that covers the headphone driver. The result is a simple upgrade that makes your headphones far more comfortable.

When I write product reviews, I always do my best to remain objective and give the reader both sides of the story, for better or worse. However, the Pearstone Deluxe Earpads gave me a hard time with this because I couldn't find anything wrong with them. They're honestly a must have for anyone who owns a pair of compatible headphones. I’ve been using Sony MDR-7506 headphones for a very long time. And even through there are lots of great headphones on the market, the 7506 is still my first choice. This is why it blew my mind when I affixed the Pearstone Deluxe Earpads. Suddenly my all-time favorite headphones were about three times better than they were before. I’m not kidding. The soft velour pads gently nuzzle your head, whereas the stock earpads tend to (sort of) stick to your head. It's kind of like swapping out a metal folding chair for a plush office chair (one that reclines and has a foot rest).

The velour doesn't make your head sweat like the stock earpads do. The soft cushions look inviting: you almost want to put them on just to feel how nicely they sit on your head. The sound quality of your headphones will not be altered. Who knows... you may even hear more detail because the overall experience is less fatiguing. This upgrade is a no-brainer. Treat yourself to the comfort of the Pearstone Deluxe Earpads. You'll thank me later. 

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So far I've done one video shoot and one DJ gig with my Pearstone deluxe earpads (not to mention countless hours using them in my cubicle, commuting on the train, and walking around the city). They've been awesome so far. What can I say? I love putting these things on my head.

Cool!  I'm looking for new headphones, and who's not a fan of velour?