Apogee Releases MiC+, the Apex of USB Microphones


Apogee, the company behind the Symphony, the Ensemble, the Duet, and more, is arguably at the zenith of its creative apex; its conversion is considered some of the best in the business. Now the company has expanded upon a relatively nascent item in its arsenal, the digital microphone, with the MiC+. We at B&H are proud to announce this product.

A condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern, the Apogee Mic+ gives you a cardioid polar pattern perfect for the home recordist, as well as 46 dB of digitally controlled preamp gain before you hit its converter, which operates at sample rates and resolutions of up to 96 kHz/24-bit. Microphone, preamp, and converter are all housed in the MiC+, which now provides a 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring directly from the mic; you can even use its blend feature to mitigate latency completely while recording!

The microphone is small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or other pint-sized pouch, and can connect to your laptop, your iPhone, your iPad, and more, making it particularly apposite for mobile recordings. You can use the MiC+ as an audio interface with most recording applications, and it doesn’t even require separate drivers to run. Class compliance means this mic will work with your setup right out of the box.

Whether you’re singing, recording voice-overs for podcasts, putting your acoustic picking to hard disk, or mono-miking drums, the MiC+ will handle your sound source with aplomb, capturing a pristine and distortion-free take, thanks to its input-gain attenuator. Gamecasting on Twitch? No need to twitch over this purchase!

The MiC+ comes with a variety of connectors to get you going, including a USB-C Cable, a USB-A cable, and a Lightning cable for iOS devices. The package also includes a mic-stand adapter clip and a little desk-mountable tripod for easy setup. Want to see more? Then stop by our corporeal SuperStore or our digital approximation thereof to check it out.