Avidly Monitor Your Productions with RM1's


Digidesign RM1 Nearfield Studio Monitor Some people make a point of purchasing "industry standard" equipment. While it's arguable if the term "industry standard" has any concrete meaning at all, if you use DigiDesign's RM1 near field monitors in your studio, you can at least make the case that you're using "Pro Tools approved" speakers. Okay, so the term "Pro Tools approved" doesn't really have any meaning either, but hey, it sounds good! If you want to sound great, check out these awesome RM1 bundle deals...

If you've been looking for near field studio monitors for your studio, it's a great time to take the plunge on the RM1 (please note that they're sold individually). A recent price drop brings their marvelous sound within reach, without destroying your budget. To sweeten the deal, B&H has created some really nice RM1 bundles. The bundles enable you to upgrade your monitoring system, along with your audio interface/digital mixer (the PreSonus StudioLive bundle) or your summing mixer/monitor control (the SSL XDesk bundle).

B&H's awesome RM1 monitor bundle packages

The RM1 features a 1 inch soft dome, ferro-fluid cooled high frequency driver, and a 5 1/2 inch low frequency driver. A system is in place inside the enclosure called ATL (Advanced Transmission Line), which utilizes a long, vented tube behind the 5 1/2" driver, which basically extends the low frequency output, and helps to clean up the mid range response.

In addition to the balanced XLR analog input on the rear of the RM1, there is also some nice digital connectivity too. An AES 3 and RJ45 inputs are included. And because it comes with an RJ45 thru jack you can chain additional RM1 speakers together. The operation is simple. When a digital signal is detected on the AES 3 or the RJ45 inputs, the digital connection takes over. 


For more information about nearfield monitors, check out this B&H Insights blog post. If you're curious about the SSL XDesk, be sure to check out Chris Patterson's hands on review. If you have any questions about studio monitoring, or if you'd like to share your experience with DigiDesign RM1 monitors, we'd love to hear about it all in the comments section...