CES 2018: Moog DFAM, a Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer


Moog has announced its latest edition to the Mother-32 family. The DFAM — Drummer from Another Mother is a Eurorack-compatible semi-modular analog percussion synthesizer with a highly interactive interface that lends itself to tactile exploration and experimentation. The device moves effortlessly from gently evolving undulations and cyclical breathing patterns to hammering bass and clangorous cacophony.

At the heart of the DFAM beat two ultra-wide range oscillators, capable of generating subtle to floor-splitting frequencies. The selectable high-/low-pass ladder filter allows you to sculpt the sound dynamically, while three modulation envelopes (pitch, filter, and VCA) interact dynamically with velocity to impart "human" variations. A noise source is also available for additional harmonic content and is perfect for creating snare sounds.

The on-board 8-step analog sequencer offers velocity and pitch controls for each step, and the sequencer itself can run at audio rates, creating a complex oscillator with tons of character. Each of the modulation envelopes offers bi-directional depth, which allows for rising and falling pitch, filter, and volume effects.

The 24 patch points provide access to most of the controls on the front panel and allow for some exciting possibilities, like patching an oscillator or modulation source to the VCF Mod input for applying frequency modulation (FM) of the filter's cutoff. You can also connect the Mother 32 to create a three-oscillator beast! Don't fool yourself into thinking that the DFAM is an analog drum machine. This is an instrument that offers unique and impactful analog rhythms and will provide a lifetime of unrestrained sonic flexibility and percussive inspiration.

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