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Electro-Voice: ND Series Dynamic Vocal Microphones


Electro-Voice began producing microphones in 1927 in a basement of the Century Tire and Rubber Company in South Bend, Indiana. It was one of the first companies to pioneer the humbucking coil, which allowed these microphones to operate within 18" of a power supply or within 2" of an AC line. It is no surprise that the new ND series dynamic vocal microphones offer excellent performance and value with several models to choose from, including the ND76, ND76S, ND86, and the ND96.

The ND76 is a dynamic cardioid vocal microphone tuned to ensure vocals are commandingly present with a clear and balanced vocal tone, well suited for small to medium-sized venues. The ND76S is the same dynamic cardioid vocal microphone as the ND76 but features an on/off switch to allow performers to mute and unmute the microphone during a performance.

The ND86 is a dynamic supercardioid vocal microphone that produces a present, smooth, and detailed vocal tone, well suited for large concert and arena sized venues. The microphone offers excellent acoustic control and features a reduction of low-frequency room tone through high-pass filtering and boosts and cuts in key high-mid frequencies to help separate the voice from the wash of stage noise.

The ND96 is also a dynamic supercardioid vocal microphone that offers excellent acoustic control for extremely loud stages and provides exceptionally high gain before feedback. The acoustical and structural functions allow the amplified signal to be pushed through an incredibly loud ambient volume without the risk of feeding back. The ND96 also features a vocal emphasis switch, which reduces certain low-mid frequency areas and emphasizes key upper-midrange vocal presence areas for a more profound vocal edge when driving the voice higher in the mix.

All of the ND-Series microphones feature large diaphragms with neodymium magnets to ensure a rich and detailed frequency response. A shock-mounted capsule reduces handling noise and prevents low-frequency bumps and thumps from being amplified, while the humbucking coil guards against line hum when used near electronics or EMF-generating equipment racks. The grille uses Memraflex, a durable tight mesh able to withstand the rigors of on-the-road wear and tear.