The IK Multimedia iRig Has Landed!


A couple of weeks ago, B&H received one of the first iRigs in existence, to test out in a hands-on review (in case you missed that article, you can check it out by clicking here). Now it's your turn to dig into the iRig because they just arrived, in stock, at B&H! Read this post for more details and to watch a video about this cool new product.

Besides having sweet-sounding virtual guitar pedals, amplifier simulations and microphone modeling, the iRig has a really useful built-in tuner. Because I always keep my iPhone close at hand, I found that when I needed to tune a guitar, I would reach for the iRig first because it was faster and easier than digging out one of my guitar tuners.

If you like to practice your timing with a metronome, the built-in metronome in AmpliTube will serve you well. It features an easy-to-use tap tempo button (or a touch tempo button) that allows you to quickly adjust the speed.

If you have access to a wireless network, then you can import songs easily into the AmpliTube app so you can play along with your guitar or bass. You can even loop sections of a tune so you can really dig in and learn complicated passages, or solo endlessly.

I played both guitar or bass with the iRig, and I was impressed with how both instruments sounded. When you consider that all of this is happening inside of a telephone, it's just plain amazing. I did find that I liked playing the iRig a little bit more with nicer quality headphones. The iRig is the perfect match for my Sony 7506's with deluxe Pearstone earpads.

Have you had a chance to play guitar with an iRig yet? If so, we'd love to hear what you thought about it in the Comments section of this post!

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@John.B  Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate you like the app. Just so you know, we're already ahead of you on being able to change pitch & tempo - look for this in a future update very soon! 

I'd give this four stars (out of five).

What is missing from the AmpliTube iPhone app is the ability to make subtle pitch adjustments to the songs you import (which will probably not be in tune with the built-in tuner) and the ability to slow down the imported songs while retaining pitch, like the Amazing Slowdowner and any DAW can do.  In fact, the full AmpliTube 3 program for Windows or Mac can do this with its built-in four track audio recorder/player; they call it "independent pitch-shift/time-stretch".

BTW, you have to import the songs b/c the iPhone OS doesn't allow other applications on your iPhone to have direct access to the music files on your iPhone.

Otherwise, IK has done an outstanding job where so many others (cough, "PRS", cough, cough) have failed in matching a guitar-level input to the input levels an iPhone or iPod Touch expects.