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iRig Nano: A Major Sound in a Micro Amp


How would you like to play your electric guitar anywhere, through a battery-powered amp—one that comes with software pro audio engineers regularly use to make DI’ed electric guitars sound like fully amped monsters of rock? Sure, you would. Now you can with the this item, which sports a 3" neodymium speaker and offers 3W of class B power, as well as a version of AmpliTube, the aforementioned software.

Without the software, the amp emulates a British tone stack, complete with preamp and power-amp gain controls; you’ll achieve very nice tone, indeed. With AmpliTube—and in conjunction with an iOS device—you can use the amp to route audio into the software, access a bevy of stompbox/amplifier/cabinet simulations, and hit the unit back in the analog world, bringing all those sonic signatures with you.

Think of the possibilities you can achieve now while busking, especially when you consider that the device has an integrated stand to direct the sound in a more projected manner. Or, if busking isn’t your bag, you can practice privately, connecting your headphones to the amp and still hearing all that great tone. A 1/4" output is also provided for use with an external amplifier or speaker cabinet, should that be your wish.

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