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If you could travel back to the year 1953, what would you do once you arrived? I don't know about you, but I'd immediately try to purchase some classic microphones. The desire to go back in time to buy recording equipment is what pushes the microphone manufacturer Telefunken. They're well-known for making some of the world's best sounding recreations of classic mics, and for producing new models that draw heavily on their vintage expertise. That's why we're proud to announce that B&H has become a Telefunken dealer!

You're probably familiar with the old analogy about how you can get from point A to point B in a cheap used car or in a high-end sports car (like a sweet vintage Porche). Well, this analogy doesn't really work with Telefunken microphones. If a Telefunken microphone is the high-end sports car, then yes, it will get you to point B a lot faster. But you will arrive at point B sounding far more amazing then you would have otherwise.

Telefunken manufactures premier microphones that are used in the best recording studios around the world. A facility in Hollywood California called Ocean Way Recording has more Telefunken 251 microphones than anyone else, and likewise their client list reads like a who's who of popular music through the ages(Frank Sinatra, Radiohead, Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Joni Mitchell, Green Day, and on and on).

Telefunken has taken what they've learned from recreating classic microphones (like their reissue of the AKG C-12) and applied it to their own line of original products. You can find some of the same sonic elements, power supply technology, body tubes, and head grills of Telefunken's stunning recreations in their sub-$2000 microphone R-F-T microphone series. The R-F-T line was developed so that the classic Telefunken sound could be within everyone's reach. They sound great, and many artists prefer the sound of the R-F-T mics. The AK-47 Tube Condenser is Snoop Dogg's favorite microphone.

Telefunken AK-47 Tube Condenser Microphone

The R-F-T microphones were designed to compete head-to-head with Telefunken's highest end products. If you're in New York City be sure to stop by B&H's world-class microphone testing room, where you can compare the sound of Telefunken against a wide array of competing microphones. The Pro Audio Department at B&H offers the best service in the industry for choosing a mic. You pick the one that sounds the best to your ears. Telefunken enthusiastically embraces microphone shoot outs, and they encourage you to step into B&H so you can hear what their products can do.
So if you're looking to add some good vibrations to your next recording project, take a note from The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson... "It has always been Telekunken microphones. That's all we've ever used — they're the best."

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I like the suitcase. Do you sell that by itself?

'B&H' and 'funky'.

You rarely see these 2 terms used in the same sentence.

For this reason alone you deserve the 'Post of the Week' award and a 2-page spread in the next issue of 'Spotlight'.

Thanks for catching that! Next time I'll Read The Manual.


R-F-T line, not RTF