Jam, Record, and More with the Apogee Jam Plus Mini Audio Interface


Apogee products are highly regarded for their discerning A/D-D/A conversion quality and dependability. In studios, touring rigs, and mobile setups, it's common to see the name Apogee on the audio interfaces of choice for audio engineers, producers, and musicians alike. Apogee's latest release, the Jam Plus USB Audio Interface, is the solution to a problem encountered by many traveling fretboard surfers and synth twiddlers—"Why can't I have a simple box that'll fit in my pocket and let me record my instrument with amp-like tone? Is that too much to ask?" Enter Jam Plus, exit problem!

So, how does it work? "Without hassle," is the answer. It delivers plug-and-play compatibility with Mac, Windows, and iOS devices, and includes three connection cables—USB Micro-B to Lightning, USB Micro-B to USB Type-A, and USB Micro-B to USB Type-C—to facilitate easy hookup. Built in the USA with a rugged metal body and soft-touch base, it measures just shy of 4.0 x 1.5 x 1.2" and weighs a paltry four ounces. Put it in a pocket, pop it in a bag, or strap it to your smartphone! Don't be fooled by its diminutive size; it contains an instrument input, a 24-bit / 96 kHz A/D-D/A converter, and a powerful headphone amplifier—all adhering to Apogee's PureDIGITAL standards.


Once you connect the Jam Plus to your host device, just plug your guitar, bass, keyboard, or circuit-bent toy into the 1/4" input. Then, pop on some headphones and hook them up to the little Apogee's 3.5mm jack. As you adjust the input gain on the Jam Plus, look to the three multicolor LEDs to help you avoid clipping. At a quick push of the input gain knob, you can switch between two input modes: "Clean" for transparent source recording or "Overdrive" for the type of responsiveness and sound you'd expect from an amp.

As you practice, record, or overdub, distracting latency is easily avoided. Apogee's Blend function delivers zero-latency monitoring with an adjustable mix of the input signal and software output. To expand your sonic options, register the Jam Plus on Apogee's website. Doing so grants you BIAS FX Jam software, which includes three amplifier simulations and six virtual pedal effects for designing your own custom signal chain.

Big benefits are packed into the little Jam Plus, and it requires no learning curve to appreciate. Visit the B&H website or stop by the B&H SuperStore to make one yours!

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