NAMM 2015: Tascam Introduces the New DR-680mkII Field Recorder


Tascam has unveiled the mark 2 of its popular DR-680 multichannel recorder. It features a total of eight possible channels, with six analog mic or line inputs on combo XLR/TRS connectors, and a stereo digital input. If you don’t need the digital input, you can use those two channels to record a stereo mix of the six others, giving you an immediate bounce to give to clients or use in a rough mix. The mark 2 now sports Tascam’s HDDA mic preamps. You can also cascade multiple units together, setting one as the master to control transport functions.


Requiero de grabar simultaniamente 2 canales en un camara canon. 7D y costo.

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You may use this device to route two microphone inputs into your Canon EOS 7D HDSLR camera:

The RA222 Riggy-Assist Dual-XLR Preamplifier with Phantom Power and Metering by juicedLink is designed for cameras that don't have integrated audio meters, manual gain control, or a headphone output. The RA222 features two 4-segment meters which can be calibrated to the camera, an 1/8" mono headphone output and an AGC disable switch.

The RA222 features 2 locking XLR inputs with low-noise microphone preamplifiers. Each channel includes a Mic/Line level switch, a Hi/Lo gain switch, and a Phantom power switch. The onboard Phantom power voltage is selectable between 48V/12V. The inputs can also be summed mono, copying each input to both sides. The right channel can be completely powered down to conserve battery power if it is not needed.

When engaged, the Audio Output Bracketing feature of the RA222 ensures that your audio inputs won't clip or distort. By placing the RA222's performance in mono and enabling the 16dB pad on the right channel, you end up with two signals with identical content, yet the right is recorded 16dB lower. This way if a sudden loud noise or a boomy portion of audio is recorded, you'll have a backup track with headroom in case the 0dB output clips.

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Tascam DR-680mk2

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