NAMM 2018: Korg Releases New Analog Synthesizers


Korg, a company famous for its pro-audio wares, is releasing a new analog synthesizer, and we here at B&H are pleased to announce it. Called the Prologue—and coming in 8-voice and 16-voice versions—these instruments are fully programmable analog synthesizers and, yes, Korg is distinguishing these synths as flagship products. How could they not be, with their combination of an 11,000-component, discrete analog path and a high-quality, 24-bit digital effects processing engine?

Indeed, the Prologue puts many exciting possibilities under your fingertips, building upon the spirit of its predecessors (Minilogue & Monologue) to give you an intuitive feel, striking sound, and a plethora of sonic explorative paths.

For instance, consider its oscillators; the Prologue provides two different voices (waves, octave, pitch, and shape), as well as a newly developed multi-engine that adds digital waveforms and FM synthesis into the mix.

This multi-engine houses three different engines inside, and can be combined with the analog VCOs for maximum experimentation. Within the multi-engine, you'll find a noise generator with four types of noise (perfect for rhythmic effects), as well as a VPM/FM engine developed specifically for the Prologue. A User Oscillator lets you load programs of your own design, which you can create in Korg's dedicated librarian software.

Four voice modes are on hand to aid you in your synthetic experiments. You can go with POLY (8- or 16-voices), DUO, MONO, UNISON, or CHORD, which plays entire chords with the press of one finger. The Prologue's DUO mode works bi-timbrally, letting you trigger two different programs at the same time. You can layer, split, or cross-fade to transition smoothly between timbres.

Other useful features include Program Sort, which gives you the ability to change the order of 500 on-board programs, letting you search by category, alphabetical order, personal preference, frequently used programs, and even envelope shape.

Users of the Prologue-16 will enjoy VU metering of analog compression and low-frequency boosting, while players of both keys will love the feel of the natural-touch, Japanese-made keyboard.

Did we mention the arpeggiator? No? Well, now we did—and we've told you about its four-octave range and six arpeggiator types, to boot!

As mentioned previously, the Korg Prologue is available in 8 and 16-voice versions, and we're sure happy to have them here at B&H. Definitely peruse them on our website, or stop by our SuperStore if you're in the New York City area.