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NAMM 2018: Sound Great Anywhere with the Bose® S1 Pro™ Multi-Position PA System


Ready to perform? Whenever and wherever you are? Get ready to sound like a Pro. Just in time for NAMM 2018, Bose® is releasing the S1 Pro™ Multi-Position PA system that is designed for musicians, DJs, and general PA use. In other words, the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor, practice amplifier, and primary music system. Featuring a three-channel mixer, reverb, Bluetooth streaming, ToneMatch processing on board, and lines out to other devices, the S1 Pro is ready to be your go-anywhere PA. Perform anywhere for hours with the optional Bose S1 Battery Pack.

The S1 Pro system operates in four unique modes, including Elevated Surface, Tilt-Back, Monitor Mode, and Speaker Stand. The Elevated Surface mode projects sound clearly and evenly throughout the audience, and ensures that audience members enjoy the full-frequency range of the system, while the Tilt-Back mode is designed for performances where your audience is close to you. Just tilt the S1 Pro onto its back edge and place the speaker behind you on the ground. With this setup, the performer should stand or sit to one side of the loudspeaker, to avoid blocking sound to the audience.

Monitor Mode allows you to use the S1 Pro as a personal floor monitor. You can place it on the ground horizontally, in front of and pointing toward the performer. Tilt the loudspeaker onto its side edge and adjust to get full coverage. The Speaker Stand mode allows you to place one or two S1 Pro systems on speaker stands (sold separately) for general-purpose sound reinforcement.

Of course, the system is easy to set up by choosing the system orientation based on the application. Plug in the AC power cord or use the optional batteries, and connect the audio source. If using a guitar or microphone, set the ToneMatch switch to the appropriate setting. Then turn the power on and turn up the volume controls. Also, Auto EQ provides optimal performance by sensing the orientation of the S1 Pro Multi-position PA system using internal sensors. Once placed into a new position, the system applies the optimal equalization curve to maximize the quality of sound.

At 15 pounds, the Bose S1 Pro is lightweight and designed to transport effortlessly, using the convenient carry handle. Play music from your mobile device with Bluetooth streaming and get great sound quickly, with the integrated ToneMatch processing for microphones and acoustic guitars. This is a small system that delivers on the combination of performance, portability, and versatility. The Bose S1 Pro system: a true companion for nearly any event, ready to perform whenever and wherever you need it.