New RØDELink Performer Kit Digital Wireless Handheld Mic


With the release of the new RØDELink Performer Kit, RØDE completes its range of RØDELink digital wireless microphone systems, which include the popular Newsshooter and the Filmmaker Kits.

Designed for vocal performances and presentations, the Performer kit combines a high-quality TX-M2 handheld condenser microphone transmitter and an RX-DESK desktop receiver. Both quickly pair straight out of the box, with no channel selection necessary.

The Performer kit employs RØDE ink technology, which operates in the digital, 2.4GHz, worldwide, license-free spectrum, so you don't have to worry about frequency availability wherever you need to work. The system constantly monitors and hops between frequencies to maintain the strongest possible signal level, and ensures that your audio is reliable and secure, at a range of up to 330'. Up to eight mics can be used in the same space.

Stylish, easy to operate, and with low handling noise, the Performer kit offers an ideal wireless solution for crystal-clear lectures, Q&As, school presentations, weddings, or live performances.

The handheld microphone transmitter is powered by the included LB-1 lithium-ion rechargeable battery for 10 hours of operation on a full charge, or with two AA batteries for six hours of operation. The receiver features controls on its front panel, which enable sound technicians to easily mute/un-mute the mic and adjust the loudness level, from the mixing desk area.

In addition, the Performer Kit ships with a microphone clip, microphone case, and a micro-USB cable to recharge the battery. So, if you're considering adding or upgrading a wireless mic for your club, venue, house of worship, or school, please come visit us at our B&H SuperStore or read more on our website, and discover how the RØDELink Performer Kit can help you with improving the quality of the vocal performances at your next event.