Now at B&H: Lectrosonics Wideband Transmitters


Extending its Digital Hybrid Wireless SM Series, Lectrosonics has introduced two new wideband transmitters, the single-battery SMWB and double-battery SMDWB. Built for use in field recording, production sound, and live stage applications, they feature two switchable modes (transmission or recording) and wideband tuning in addition to options found on many other Lectrosonics transmitters. They work with Digital Hybrid receivers and are compatible with Lectrosonics 100/200 Series and IFB receivers.

They are available in four different frequency ranges: A1 (470 to 573 MHz), B1 (537 to 614 MHz), B2 (563 to 640 MHz), and C1 (614 to 691 MHz). Each model can tune across three frequency blocks in 25 kHz or 100 kHz increments. The selectable RF power output, which can be set to 100, 50, or 25mW, allows you to optimize it for enhanced range or battery life. The aluminum enclosure, seals, and control panel are water resistant for long-lasting use in moisture-rich environments. Change transmitter settings via the control panel with its backlit LCD, IR-capable receiver, or use tones to perform hands-free configuration.

A TA5M jack feeds the servo-bias input, which boasts a DSP-controlled analog limiter before the mic preamp. The mic pre’s 44 dB of gain are accessible in 1 dB steps and the low-cut filter offers selectable frequency points at 35, 50, 70, 100, 120, or 150 Hz. In Xmit mode, the device behaves as a standard transmitter, sending audio signal with a 35 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response to your receiver. In Record mode, the transmitter functions as a stand-alone recorder, granting you with the ability to record WAV files at 24-bit/44.1 kHz resolution to a microSD card. Alternatively, use a microSD card to update firmware even in remote locations.

The transmitters accept 1.5V AA lithium batteries, which yield approximately 14 hours of life. To keep the units firmly in place, wire and spring-loaded belt clips are available and easily attach to the talent or subject.

Whether you find yourself outdoors recording location sound or indoors handling complex multi-mic setups, the SMWB and SMDWB transmitters have the rugged durability and versatility to bless you with reliable operation day after day with old and new receivers. Make an appearance at the B&H SuperStore or head to our website to check them out!