Now at B&H: The IK Multimedia iRig Pre HD Audio Interface with Mic Pre


IK Multimedia’s already expansive range of iRig products delivers a wide variety of solutions for musicians and performers who rely on their mobile devices for productions. The new iRig Pre HD will appeal to vocalists, voice-over artists, and players of acoustic instruments who need a high-quality solution for recording a microphone to a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

Let’s say you’ve already got a nice mic—perhaps it’s a well-worn dynamic, a vintage ribbon, or a large-diaphragm studio condenser—and you don’t want to cart around a bulky interface. That’s where the iRig Pre HD comes in. The connections and operations are simple and the unit is compact.

Connect your mic to the Class-A mic preamp, which offers selectable +48V phantom power and variable gain. Input level is indicated via a multi-color LED. To hook up your preferred mobile device, the iRig Pre HD includes Lightning and USB cables. It will operate at up to 24-bit/96 kHz, so you don’t have to worry about being shamed for low-resolution recording. You can plug your headphones directly into it and choose to monitor before or after your device. That means that you can listen to the live signal without latency or hear the playback from your software.

Speaking of software, IK Multimedia has tacked on a bundle to provide you with digital power. Included are recording apps and microphone-modeling software, which aims to emulate the sound of a variety of studio microphones. Unlike studio microphones, the iRig Pre HD is powered by two AA batteries (supplied). So, you can forget about draining your mobile device’s battery or needing to pack a power supply!

Whether you’re a musician, vocalist, podcaster, or live blogger, consider the iRig Pre HD as the miniscule missing link for your mobile recording setup. Feel free to stop by the B&H SuperStore or visit our website to check it out!