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PreSonus’s StudioLive RM32AI: Hands-On Live Mixing without the Console


PreSonus is no stranger to the live-sound game, and in recent years we’ve seen a big push from the company with the Studio Live AI series mixers and PA systems toward total integration of your live mixer and your computer or iOS device. That push continues with the announcement of the RM32AI and RM16AI Next Generation Digital Mixing Systems.

Foregoing a fader-and-knob system altogether, the RM32AI and RM16AI are rack-mounted mixers with 32 and 16 recallable XLR mic preamps, respectively. Control can be provided by your Mac or Windows PC, but the mixers are meant to be controlled with either your iPad or a multi-touch Windows 8 computer. With either an iPad or Windows 8 multi-touch device, you regain the hands-on control you will need when tweaking sound in a live or studio environment.

The systems have all the bells and whistles you would come to expect from something in PreSonus’s AI lineup, including a Fat Channel on each input, giving you a digital gate, compressor, and EQ at your fingertips for each of your inputs. The mixers themselves can capture your audio in up to 24-bit/96kHz through their Burr Brown converters, and the digital summing engine is derived right from PreSonus’s flagship DAW Studio One.

Speaking of Studio One, both the RM32AI and RM16AI include a licensed copy of Studio One Artist 2.6, as well as PreSonus’s Capture software, which can be used to record your live shows for quick export to Studio One for mixing and mastering.