Sennheiser Announces AMBEO SMART HEADSET For 3D Audio Capture & Playback


Sennheiser has a brand-new headset for capturing 3D Audio, and we here at B&H are proud to present it. Called the AMBEO SMART HEADSET, this device is sure to serve videographers, video game sound designers, and anyone else working within the arena of 3D media—all while interfacing directly with an iOS device.

The AMBEO SMART HEADSET utilizes two microphones positioned in a manner that ensures it’ll pick up audio just as your very own ears would, utilizing an omnidirectional microphone in each earpiece (as a bonus, you’ll note the inline microphone perfectly suited for taking phone calls between takes, should someone call you on set). Complementing the capsules is a Smart Slider, which allows you to change the mic’s sensitivity, tailoring the pickup to better suit normal environs or loud sonic spaces, such as concerts.

As with other devices, Sennheiser has partnered here with Apogee to deliver the apogee of digital conversion experiences, replete with the company’s proprietary and heralded Soft Limit function, as well as a mic preamp calibrated for this headset’s feature set. Apogee conversion is used throughout the analog to digital and digital to analog process, allowing you to route captured audio directly to your iOS device by means of the included, Apple MFi-certified lightning connector.

In addition to its recording capabilities, the AMBEO SMART HEADSET can also be used as a mobile 3D audio playback system, giving you a comfortable ear-hook design as it sends sweet, 3D audio into your ear canals. Extending the functionality of the earpiece is what Sennheiser has called Situational Awareness; this design utilizes a rocker switch to trigger two different types of noise attenuation. One mode tucks all noise into your programmatic material, allowing you to enjoy the recording while remaining aware of your environment on the street. The other employs more aggressive noise cancellation to null out your acoustic environment, resulting in a completely immersive experience. This function can be used while taking phone calls, and can be shut off, as well.

A compatible and dedicated app allows you to program the Smart Slider of the AMBEO SMART HEADSET with functions other than mic-sensitivity control—functions which might very well suit your individual predilections. Ear adapters for small, medium, and large ear canals are provided, as is a carry case.

We here at B&H are pleased to be partnering with Sennheiser on the launch of this product, so by all means, stop by the B&H SuperStore or head over to our website to check out the sweet, sweet, sweet (one for each dimension) audio goodness!


I'd like to have this for my Moto G4. My uses would be for assisted listening in noisey enviroments as I have a hearing definciecy in the higher frequencies. I'm hoping to find a hearing aid devise that doesn't cost as much a laptop.