The Sennheiser Memory Mic: Unforgettable Sound for your Smartphone


Sennheiser—a company making innovative gear in the world of VR, binaural audio capture, and mobile-based audio—is releasing a new mic for your smartphone. We at B&H are proud to add it to our collection. Called the Memory Mic, this memory mic clips on to your person and records 48 kHz/16-bit audio, all while synchronizing to your smartphone's camera over Bluetooth.

The mic itself utilizes an omnidirectional condenser capsule for this purpose, so it's sure to pick up pristine, clear audio. Its quality, combined with its mobile usage, makes it suitable for journalists, vloggers, social-media mavens, and more.

The Memory Mic can operate at distances far, far away from the smartphone, and while it records, it stores the audio internally, doing so for up to four hours. When you're finished recording, the audio automatically transfers to your smartphone over Bluetooth, synchronized to video for your immediate enjoyment. This is accomplished over the Memory Mic App, which is a free download available from Google Play or the App Store.

Not only can the Memory Mic store audio for up to four hours—its built-in battery will last that long, as well. If this all sounds your speed, come on down to our SuperStore, or purchase the microphone online for a mobile audio-recording experience you'll never forget.

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