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The WA-14: A Large-Diaphragm Condenser from Warm Audio, for Warm Audio


Warm Audio has definitely received a warm reception in the pro audio community. Their program-style equalizers and โ€™76-style compressors have garnered heaps of praise, both for their sonic qualities and their relatively affordable pricing. In keeping with those venerable precepts, consider the WA-14 microphone for your audio-capturing needs.

The WA-14 utilizes a capsule inspired by a classic large-diaphragm condenser of the 1970s, giving you a smoothly present sound that compliments vocals, drum overheads, tom-toms, acoustic guitars, and amplifiers alike. Manufactured out of brass, the capsule has been sputtered in 24kt gold and skinned in Japanese Mylar.

For particularly loud sources, a switchable pad allows you to attenuate the level by -10 or -20 Db. Of course, we all know that different miking scenarios call for different polar patterns, so the WA-14 offers three patterns in one housing: Cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-eight all are on hand.

A custom CineMag output transformer has been employed, while discrete circuitry helps to ensure fidelity in all sorts of recording situations. A shockmount and a hard mount are included with the mic, so all you need to bring is the 48V phantom power, the mic cable, a recording interface, and, of course, your sweet, sweet talent.