Wake Up to the Sanken CS-2 Shotgun


When people hear the name Sanken, they mistakenly think of decaf coffee, rather than a microphone company. While Sanken isn't as well known as Sennheiser or Neumann, their sound is everywhere. Any time you watch TV or movies, you're likely listening to Sanken's COS-11 lavaliers and its CS3e shotgun. Sanken recently announced the new CS-2 shotgun mic, which offers a longer pick-up pattern in a short body. Think of it as the world's first caffeinated short shotgun mic.

Sanken's microphones always feature unique characteristics that make them stand out from the competition. For example, the CS3e shotgun features three microphone capsules (as opposed to one), which give it the ability to reject ambient noise like no other microphone. In the case of the new CS-2 shotgun microphone, it has an unusually long interference tube for a microphone its size, which gives it a little extra reach.

Sanken CS-2 Shotgun Microphone

With the CS-2, Sanken's line of shotgun microphones seems complete. The CS-1 has been around for a while, and is often thought of as one of the best short shotgun microphones for on-camera use (the CS-1 requires phantom power to operate). The aforementioned CS3e is the best choice for booming close to a ceiling (because of how well it rejects rear reflections). The CS-2 strikes a really nice balance between the other two. It will make for a more natural-sounding alternative for booming when the extreme noise rejecting qualities of the CS3e are unnecessary.

All microphones require wind protection when used outdoors. Because of its long reaching pick-up pattern, the CS-2 makes for a great mic when recording dialog outdoors. The Rycote Windsheild Kit #4 is a compatibly sized blimp system for the CS-2, which is your best bet for keeping out wind noise when recording in the elements.

Rycote Windshield Kit 4

One drawback, when using heavy-duty wind protection, is that the high frequency response of the microphone tends to be diminished underneath the fur and cage of the blimp. As a remedy, the CS-2 features a "high boost switch" that can be activated when the mic is used with wind protection. The result is the ability to capture clean, natural sounding audio in gusty environments.

Most professional location audio people in film and video around the world depend on Sanken's products for their livelihood. A new addition to their product range is always welcome news. If you have any questions about the CS-2, shotgun microphones, decaffeinated coffee, or any of Sanken's products, we encourage you to post them in the comments section.

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What is the longest realistic range this microphone will pick up a norman conversation?

its called  sanka coffee not sanken

I can confirm Sanken mike's are really offering a great sound, with a very nice gradient 'slope' in the off-axis area (the CS1). I also have the CS11: very very good. It's not clear to me how the new microphone is positioned in the market: esp. for booming or is it more for on camera use?

does decaffeinated realy mean theres no caffeine?