We Drop the Price, You Drop the Beats


Drum roll please... the price of the Roland HD-1 V-Drum kit just dropped $200, and it comes with a mail-in rebate for a free $109 PM-01 monitor and a $99 DAP-1 drum stool and accessory kit. You get everything for a measly $599.00! If you've been sitting on the fence about getting a V-Drum kit, it's time to make like Humpty Dumpty and get cracking because this deal won't be around for long.

Imagine the therapeutic benefits of having a silent drum kit in the corner of your home. Not only can you regularly sharpen your skills as a musician, you can also vent your frustrations with a pair of real wooden drum sticks. This isn't just a good deal for you, owning an HD-1 will improve your relationships with family, friends, co-workers and your bandmates.

Roland is the undisputed leader in electronic-drum technology, and the V-Drum series is their premier line. Even at full price, the HD-1 is the least expensive way to get that coveted V-Drum feel. This price drop coupled with the mail-in rebate is just an unheard of bargain.

The PM-01 monitor allows you to play the HD-1 without headphones for jamming with friends. You can also take full advantage of the HD-1's noiseless mechanical design with a pair of headphones. An onboard metronome with a tempo adjustment knob is included for keeping tight time. You can even jam out with songs on your iPod, with the mini-plug mix input. A short stereo mini-to-mini cable is included in the DAP-1 accessory kit that you get for free with the mail-in rebate.

This is a terrific instrument at a great price. Don't sleep on this one. The rebate offer expires on July 31, 2010.

Have you ever played on a Roland V-Drum kit? If so, we'd love to hear what you thought of it in the Comments section of this post.