B&H's New Audio & Video Workstations


The new workstations at B&H bring together the worlds of video post and audio production like never before. They allow you to test drive the latest software and hardware, and witness firsthand how the sonic and visual sides of post production interact. Have you ever used Final Cut Studio software on a powerful Apple Mac Pro computer? Want to audition the latest Universal Audio UAD-2 plug-ins in a Logic session? Now you can!

The recently installed pro audio and pro video workstations in the B&H SuperStore were designed to bring popular computer-based audio and video systems together. Situated on either side of a glass wall partition between B&H's Pro Audio and Pro Video departments, the new workstations unify the departments (which have become so closely related). The stations are manned by our non-commission Sales Professionals, who are right there to answer any questions you may have. 

This series of posts will highlight each of the different workstations, and elaborate on the goods they have to offer. When you enter the B&H SuperStore and descend down the ramp on the first floor, the workstations will be on your immediate right. Here you will find the demonstration area dedicated to Final Cut Studio, Logic,  Avid, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Sonar, and Adobe. In this post we'll focus on the Final Cut Studio & Logic workstations.

It's no secret that Apple has become a major player in the post production world, so we designed our new workstation to seamlessly fuse together their stellar video and audio products. It's the perfect arena to experience what can be accomplished with these big muscled production tools. The audio side of this workstation features an 8 core Mac Pro loaded with Logic Studio, Native Instruments Komplete 6, an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra interface, and a UAD-2 Quad card (featuring an army of Universal Audio plug-ins that are all ready for you to experiment with). An M-Audio Axiom Pro 25 USB controller keyboard is on hand so you can test out its HyperControl capabilities. Also present are the slick Euphonix MC Control and MC Mix, a control surface dream come true. Monitoring is supplied with Adam A5's, which crank out an impressive amount of sound for their compact size.

The video side of the workstation is also powered by an 8 core Mac Pro with dual quad-core Intel Xeon processors. It's loaded with Apple's Final Cut Studio 3 (which features Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3, Color 1.5, Compressor 3.5.1, and DVD Studio Pro 4). Adobe After Effects is also installed for demonstration purposes. After Effects alone features hundreds of plug-ins, so there's no question that this workstation has a lot to explore. Audio monitoring is supplied by M-Audio BX5A powered near field speakers. 

The Internet can be a great resource for finding information on computer-based video editing systems and music production. However, a better way to determine which products best suit your needs is to get hands-on experience with the hardware and software, and ask an experienced user questions as you check out the equipment. If you've ever visited our SuperStore at 420 9th Avenue in New York City, you probably noticed that there was a lot going on and many awesome products to discover and learn about. We're constantly trying to make the experience more rewarding, and these new workstations are the latest edition in our quest. If you've ever had an interesting experience visiting our store, we'd love to hear about it in the comments section of this post...