The Dynaudio Acoustics BM 5A MKII: Clearer and Even More Accurate


The new BM 5A MKII near field active studio monitor from Dynaudio Acoustics is the latest update of their much-respected BM series. It may look remarkably similar to the original BM 5A, but there have been a number of updates made throughout its design. Check out this post for details about the new model and a side-by-side look at the old and new versions.

The BM 5A was a popular monitoring solution due to its compact size and its loud yet fully accurate sound reproduction. Its sub $1000 per-pair price tag was also a very attractive feature. Even though the original model was a hot seller and gained a reputation for being a reliable studio monitor for music production and video work, the engineers at Dynaudio Acoustics felt that they could push the sound waves a bit further and build an even better speaker. The result is a monitor that retains all of the features that made the original a popular tool (including the sub-$1000 price per pair), while providing clearer and even more accurate sound.

How many changes can you spot?

The Monitor on the left is the original BM 5A, the one on the right is the new BM 5A MKII.

Cosmetically, the biggest difference between the old and the new is the waveguide area that surrounds the upgraded tweeter. The new design is contoured to improve the clarity of higher frequencies. If you look closely you'll see that the woofer has also been upgraded from a 5.7" to a 7" cone (maybe they should have named it the BM 7A, eh?). Both the high- and low-frequency drivers on the new MKII model are handmade. But don't take my word for it, check out this video, with Dynaudio's own Uffe Kjems Hansen:

If you have any questions about the new Dynaudio BM 5A MKII, feel free to post them in the Comments section.