An Important Notice for R0DE Mic Owners


This curious looking wavy blue ring is causing a lot of confusion for customers who buy new R0DE microphones. The ring is a small spacer that comes installed inside of the mic. The ring can be easily removed, and it's a good idea to remove it immediately after you buy a new R0DE. The ring prohibits many XLR cables from connecting, and you may think your new mic is defective if you're unaware of this issue.

The blue spacer ring is located inside of the mic's output, in the hole where you find the mic's XLR connector prongs. It can easily be removed by inserting a small screwdriver, or a slender metal object such as a key, and popping the ring outward, like so: 

Removing the blue spacer ring is easy

The ring is designed to give the mic a more secure fit, in the event that you encounter an XLR cable that's too loose when connected to the microphone. The need for a spacer like this seems odd, because neither I nor anyone else on the B&H Pro Audio staff ever encountered this looseness problem. R0DE microphones are built in Australia, so we figure perhaps they have different XLR connector sizes in the land down under. 

A card is included inside of every R0DE microphone that alerts the user that the spacer is installed and may need to be removed. But even manual-reading nerds like me often ignore the little cards that come with new gear, and we've found that this new spacer is profoundly confusing our customers.

Please help spread the word about this new spacer issue by reposting this information in other audio blogs and messageboards, so that more R0DE users have an easier time using their new mics.

...And tell 'em B&H Insights sent ya!

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It might be that some XLR cables connectors are metric while others are imperial sizing.    The ring might be included in those cases where a non-metric cable setup is required.

I dont know... just guessing.

Thanks for the above info as it caused me some confusion as well.  The picture instruction slip that came with my bundle wasnt as helpful. 

This is great to know,  thanks for sharing!