The Korg MP10PRO was Born to Party


The first time I laid eyes on the new Korg MP10PRO, I wasn't exactly sure what it was. It looks like a combination of a boombox, a jukebox and a lunchbox. It turns out that my first impression wasn't too far off the mark. The MP10PRO allows you to do everything from DJing parties to hosting karaoke events. You can even plug in a MIDI keyboard and play it like an instrument.

Just like a traditional DJ rig, the MP10PRO has two media players built in. You can play a song while you're cueing up another, and mix the two together with the crossfader. You store music on its 120GB internal hard drive. The MP10PRO will detect a connected iPod, and can play back your iTunes songs and playlists. You can have a pre-made playlist for different kinds of events (wedding reception mixes, a set of Bhangra dance tunes, etc.). When you get a request, you can easily search for songs on the MP10PRO, and mix them into your set with playlists.

Every control on the MP10PRO is illuminated, and the crossfader is motorized. Swanky!

In addition to playing back MP3 files, the MP10PRO can play standard MIDI files. It has a powerful Korg sound engine built in. What this means is that you can play a MIDI file, and the sound engine will supply all of the instrumentation. Think of it as a player piano, but with a full band with hundreds of different instruments. You can plug in two microphones, and sing along with the music. The MP10PRO is even compatible with popular karaoke files (like KRK files). This means that you can sing karaoke songs, and connect the video outputs of the MP10PRO to a TV or a projector. Videos that accompany the music, as well as the lyrics, will be output on the screen. You can store thousands of these files on the MP10PRO, along with vast libraries of MP3 files. It's an endless party in a box!

The built-in sound engine can also be controlled through the MP10PRO's MIDI input. You can connect any keyboard with a MIDI output and play its 800 instruments (which include a stereo grand piano). This means that you can use the MP10PRO as a sound module with a live band, or play keyboard parts along with the music that's being played back. Imagine in the middle of a wild karaoke party, you suddenly jump on a table and rip out a blazing solo on a keytar. Now you're getting a taste of what the MP10PRO is all about.

There are eight built-in effects on the MP10PRO, which allow you to sweeten the vocals for live singing. The effects section on the MP10PRO is handled by TC Helicon, one of the leaders in the industry (which means it's guaranteed to sound lush). You can control the MP10PRO with its 320 x 240 color touch screen display, and its wealth of dedicated backlit hardware controls. It even has a motorized crossfader which will make perfectly smooth transitions between songs (and will look really, really cool). You can plug in a USB computer keyboard to quickly type in file names. It comes with a travel case and a handle that doubles as a stand.

The MP10PRO was designed to be the life of the party. It's got loads of professional features, and a really well-executed industrial design which gives it an eye-catching presence. If you want the flexibility to travel around doing various kinds of  parties and events, and don't want to have to lug a computer system or a heavy DJ rig around, the MP10PRO may be the solution you're looking for. It's not as inexpensive as some of the other DJing systems on the market, but what you get is a very professional and versatile piece of equipment that takes care of everything.

If you have any questions at all about the MP10PRO, I encourage you to post them in the Comments section of this post!