Record a Four-Person Podcast on the Cheap


MXL has come out with a new USB computer audio interface and microphone combo called the Mic Mate. It enables you to record up to four microphones, directly into a Mac or Windows computer, all in a compact package. A microphone is included, along with a table stand and the necessary cables. With the addition of the MXL Fox Microphone 3-Pack, you can have a full-blown mobile podcasting studio.

The Mic Mate connects easily to a computer through a standard USB port. The included microphone connects to the Mic Mate with an included cable. If you plan on recording a podcast with multiple guests, in addition to buying extra mics you're also going to need more cables. If you purchase the MXL Fox Microphone 3-Pack, you should also get three XLR to mini-plug microphone cables. It's also a good idea to pick up some extra table mic stands.

In addition to audio podcasting, the Mic Mate can be used for any kind of computer recording. Since you can record up to four mics at a time, it makes for a rather powerful yet inexpensive computer audio interface for musicians. With four mics plugged into the Mic Mate simultaneously, you can track several musicians or even a whole drum kit. A hard shell case is included, so you can safely transport the Mic Mate to record live music.

If you have any questions about podcasting or computer recording, we'd love to hear them in the Comments section below!

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Could this be used as a mic & speaker set up at meetings so the audience can hear better.  We run a weekly club meeting with about 50 members and we've been asked about an amplication system so that members can hear better whats being said.  Is it likely to suffer from feedback if used in this way?

I don't seem to see this listed on the B and H web site. Is it available now?

Howard Gotfryd wrote:

Sam, does the Mic Mate supply phantom power for mics that require it?

Nope. However, you could always get an external phantom power supply.

Sam, does the Mic Mate supply phantom power for mics that require it?