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Welcome to B&H Explora. This blog is the home of all creative content produced by the web content teams of B&H Photo Video. Below you will find a list of our current staff and their roles.


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Editor-in-Chief: Shawn Steiner

Creative Content Manager: Michael Brett Smith

Publishing Operations Manager: Yermy Weiss





  • Sr. Writer, Photography: Grant Willing
  • Sr. Writer, Photography: Todd Vorenkamp
  • Sr. Writer, Photography: Cory Rice
  • Sr. Writer, Photography: John Harris
  • Sr. Writer, Photography: Jill Waterman
  • Sr. Writer, Photography: Allan Weitz
  • Writer, Consumer Tech: Mos Khan


Writing Manager, Pro Video/Pro Audio: Jaime Traba

  • Sr. Writer, Pro Video: Steven Gladstone
  • Sr. Writer, Pro Video: Mary Latvis
  • Sr. Writer, Pro Video: Jennifer Hahn
  • Writer, Pro Video: Bruno Derlin
  • Writer, Pro Audio: Jordan Gallant
  • Writer, Pro Audio: Andrew Eisele


Writing Manager, Consumer Tech: Richard Stevens

  • Sr. Writer, Consumer Tech/Home Entertainment: John Foldi
  • Sr. Writer, Computers: William Min
  • Sr. Writer, Computers: John-Paul Palescandolo
  • Writer, Computers: Ben Smith
  • Writer, Computers: Carroll Moore
  • Writer, Computers: Steven Esposito
  • Writer, Computers: Steven Wong
  • Writer, Surveillance: Atane Ofiaja



  • Content Coordinator: Gregory Shuryn
  • Designer: Akeem Addy
  • Designer: Leslie Perez
  • Sr. Copy Editor: Howard Gotfryd
  • Copy Editor: Nwakego Nwasike 




Media Production Manager: Stephanie Gross

  • Production Coordinator: Jordan Carrasquillo
  • Video Producer: Nick Brigadier
  • Video Producer: Jabari Holder
  • Video Producer: Dave Moncion
  • Sr. Video Producer: Doug Guerra
  • Sr. Video Producer: Jake Estes
  • Event Space Producer: Derek Fahsbender
  • Event Space Producer: Daniel Moallem
  • Event Space Producer: Scott Jolson
  • Event Space Producer: Courtney Fields



  • Sr. Content Producer: John Harris
  • Technical Producer: Jason Tables
  • Host: Allan Weitz