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First Look: K-Tek Audio Bags

At NAB 2014, K-Tek introduced their new line of audio bags, which includes Stingray (for Sound Devices 633 and Zaxcom MAXX) as well as the brand-new Stingray2 (for Sound Devices 644) and an audio harness, which is designed around minimizing fatigue. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at B&

First Look: Rycote Microphone Windshields at NAB 2014

At NAB 2014, Rycote introduced its new Super-Softie microphone windshield, with the new 3D Tex fabric. B&H interviews Rycote's Scott Boland about this non-furry material, which offers several advantages for wind attenuation over the traditional "dead-cat" style windscreens. Also, see the new Rycote Super-Shield, which will take the place of the S series.

The New K-Tek Stingray Audio Bag for the Sound Devices 633

The utilitarian features of your sound recording bag are as important as the performance of the equipment it contains. The value of your investment in microphones, wireless systems, mixers, and recorders is diminished if the kit bag isn’t functional or comfortable to wear for an entire day’s work. It’s worthwhile to invest in a bag that protects and optimizes the functionality of your equipment.

5 Essential Tips to Improve Your Audio When Filming

In a perfect world, budgets would be unlimited and you could hire a top-notch sound person for every production. But for students, amateurs, or professionals on a shoe-string budget, you probably don’t have the funds available to do that. This doesn’t preclude you from stepping up the quality of your audio. Here are five steps you can take that can help your sound.

1. Pay more attention to sound while filming (just by opening your ears)

Audio Nerd Controversy: Are Analog Summing Devices Beneficial or Snake Oil?

The term “analog summers” does not refer to the act of giving up your smartphone during the months of June, July, and August. It refers to controversial pieces of audio equipment. Analog summing hardware takes the outputs from an audio interface, usually 8 or 16 channels’ worth, and sums them down to a stereo pair, which you can then record back into your DAW. where’s the controversy?

Bose® Announces QuietComfort 20™ and QuietComfort 20i™ Acoustic Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

Bose® has long been known as an industry leader for their full-sized noise-cancelling headphones and they now bring their first pair of in-ear noise-cancelling headphones to market. The new QuietComfort 20™ and QuietComfot 20i™ offer Bose’s trademark Acoustic Noise-Cancelling technology in a compact in-ear design.


Auray Windscreens

If you’re experienced working in film, video, or electronic news-gathering, then you already know how devastating the wind can be to your audio recordings. Without the proper protection, a microphone will interpret wind, vocal pops, and drafts from air-conditioning units as disturbances in air pressure around the microphone element. digital recorders.

The New Shure BLX Wireless System

Shure has a hard-earned reputation as one of the standard bearers for quality wireless microphone systems. Their new BLX wireless system is geared toward users who are in need of a system that has more than “entry-level” features but do not have the need (or the budget) for something like the Shure ULX series.


An XLR Cable is Just a Cable, Right?

The discovery of electricity has dramatically changed our lives, with the wonders of modern science surrounding us everywhere—the light bulb, the electric motor, radio waves. Who would want to be without them?



The Fundamentals of Wedding Videography for Beginners

There is a first time for everything, and if you have your mind set on producing a wedding video, you will encounter plenty of “firsts” within that initial wedding weekend. There is a first kiss, a first dance and a first slice of cake. Where will you have your cameras set up for each of these memorable moments? Will you need lights for every shot?  How will you manage the audio?



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