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Yamaha Adds the DGX-650 Digital Piano to its PortableGrand Series

A variety of interactive features in the newly announced Yamaha DGX-650 makes learning, playing, and sharing music fun for everyone, from the aspiring beginner to the accomplished musician. Available in black or white versions, the portable electric piano delivers an expressive piano sound that is just the beginning of what the instrument can do.

Holiday 2012: Gifts for Kids

Everybody wants something better for their children than they had for themselves. It’s a function of the American dream. It’s also a manufacturer’s dream. The hottest new toy can create a frenzy around the holiday season that can only be duplicated in certain shark-infested waters in the Pacific.

Holiday 2012: Digital Piano Roundup

There’s nothing like the experience of playing a grand piano. Everything from the resistance of the keys to the scent of the soundboard is intoxicating. However, if you aren’t Ben Folds or Billy Joel, moving a grand piano from gig to gig presents quite a challenge.

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