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On Adventures and Creativity: the Nikon D5500

Unveiled: The New Sony a77II DSLR Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera

In the following video, Larry Becker, from Kelby media, discusses the Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera. He talks about its 18MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4 image processor, as well as its Full HD video capability, autofocus system, and ISO sensitivities. He also showcases its Q Button feature, Creative Auto and manual modes, and ergonomic build. As a DSLR camera aimed at entry-level users, Becker explains aspects of sensor size in relation to megapixels, describes its 18-55mm kit lens and compliments its user-friendly control system.

The Nikon Df vs. D610

The differences between the Nikon Df and D610 are many; however, they don’t differ in capability, but rather, in their fundamental approach to photography. With these two recent releases, Nikon has produced cameras with impeccable image quality to satisfy any DSLR shooter, with specs and feature sets for professional use.

Unveiled: The Nikon D4S DSLR is the New Standard-Bearer

Professional Nikon shooters have been waiting with bated breath for the update to the D4, and that day has finally arrived. The Nikon D4S DSLR Camera has been announced as the new flagship Nikon DSLR and it brings with it a few major upgrades and numerous minor improvements to justify the two-year wait.

Ahead of the Curve: A Sony Retrospective

What a difference seven years makes. When the digital flood stepped up the process of sweeping aside film since the turn of the century, the never-ending technological race among camera manufactures sped up, and with no sign of that race ever slowing down, some runners dropped out, and the order of who was leading and who was lagging changed in ways that surprised photographers everywhere.

How to Choose a Digital Camera

The world of digital cameras can be daunting, in this article B&H helps you choose which digital camera is best for you. 


Outstanding Holiday Camera Deals

Here at B&H, we're steeped in the latest camera technology and products. With the holidays quickly approaching, we have culled many of our favorites to save you the time it would take to pore over dozens of pages of specs and features. Our commitment to provide you with the best in customer service has produced lists of suggestions like the one that follows.


How to Use Cinema Zoom Lenses

People have been shooting HD video with DSLR cameras packing still lenses for years—mostly with fixed focal length lenses, which are often referred to as "prime" lenses in the film industry. In general, zoom lenses made for still photos are a poor fit for cinema production. You can use them, as many low-budget indie productions do, but they lack many necessary features.

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