Handheld Mics

Sony’s UWP Line Gets Updated: Introducing the UWP-D Integrated Digital Wireless System

Sony’s UWP-V wireless mics, bodypack transmitters, and receivers are some of the most popular on the market and have become trusted tools for ENG and EFP audio applications, but users have been itching for a while for the series to receive an update.


Auray Windscreens

If you’re experienced working in film, video, or electronic news-gathering, then you already know how devastating the wind can be to your audio recordings. Without the proper protection, a microphone will interpret wind, vocal pops, and drafts from air-conditioning units as disturbances in air pressure around the microphone element. digital recorders.

Audio for DSLR Part 2: XLR Mics

In Part 2 of our series of videos about audio for DSLR video, we take a look at how various XLR microphones (handheld dynamics, lavaliers, shotguns and small-diaphragm condensers) can be used to improve the audio quality of your DSLR video productions.

Holiday 2012: Awesome Gifts for Students

Do you need ideas for some awesome holiday gift ideas for students? When you cornered them and asked what they wanted, did you draw a blank? Perhaps they offered to send you a list of gift ideas later, when something came to mind. In the likely event that the list never arrived, we’ve compiled that list of student-friendly suggestions for you.

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