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Imaging USA 2015: What Makes SKB Camera Cases Unique

Watch and listen as Mia McCormick, of KelbyOne Media, takes a look at some of SKB's photography cases and provides an overview of some of the company’s core products from the Imaging USA 2015 show floor, such as camera-dedicated cases, pre-cut inserts for specific camera and lens configurations, and their construction details, including spring-loaded latches and lightweight designs.

Imaging USA 2015: A Look at the New Paxis Swing-Out Arm Backpack

Highlighting a new and innovative backpack design, this video features Mia McCormick speaking with the founder of Paxis, about the company’s unique camera bags that feature a swinging arm to avail instant access to the contents without having to stop to remove the pack. The video showcases a couple of the models of Paxis bags and profiles their use of weather-resistant fabrics, the bags’ durable and padded construction, and the arrays of pockets dedicated to outdoor photographers.

Big Bruiser: Think Tank Photo Production Manager 40 Rolling Gear Case

Brighten Your Day with New Bags from Ape Case

Add a splash of color to your next camera bag with the new Compact Tech and Large Tech Messenger Bags from Ape Case. The gray bags feature a bold green, teal, or orange front flap, and are sure to breathe new life into your next creative endeavor.

Real Cool Photo Tools: 13 Great Gifts for Creative Picture-Taking Enthusiasts

To give you a heads-up for gift giving this holiday season, we’ve compiled a scrumptious selection of awesome gifts for the photo enthusiasts in your life that are guaranteed to put a smile on their faces and enhance their shooting experience. Our bodacious baker’s dozen includes items ranging from cool compact cameras to ingenious bags and straps, and more.


Camera-Bag Stuffers

Your photo bag can hold an assortment of fun and useful treasures. It’s full of pockets, compartments, nooks and crannies for a reason, and a wide variety of compact camera gear and accessories is available to help you realize its full storage potential.


A House for Your Mirrorless System

Th holiday season is fast approaching, so now is the time to start shopping for your friends and family, (or dropping hints to them about gifts you want to receive). If you or someone you know has a compact mirrorless camera like the popular Sony NEX, Olympus PEN, or Fujifilm X-Series cameras, why not get a camera bag to go with it? Here are a few bags that not only look great, but also offer protection and function.


New Triumph Sling and Legion Messenger Bags from Ruggard

The new travel-friendly Triumph Sling and Legion Messenger Bags from Ruggard feature quality construction, quick access, and intelligent design for safely transporting a DSLR, various lenses, and accessories.

Belt Systems for Camera Slingers

When it comes to carrying your gear through a fast-paced, day-long event, there’s certainly no shortage of options. Backpacks and shoulder bags have long been the professional event photographer’s staple when they need to keep everything close at hand.


Transporting Equipment in Comfort

Wedding photographers carry a lot of gear. Multiple lenses, camera bodies, flashes and accessories are all part of the wedding professional’s kit. It‘s cumbersome (and risky) to try to balance the heft and awkward bulk of your equipment without the right carrying case.


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