Travel Photography

Creative Tips to Help Strengthen Your Travel Photography

In this B&H article, photographer Jessica Sample discusses her approach to making strong images for travel photography.

Get the Shot: Tips on Gaining Access and Shooting Historical Locations

For travel photographers, the path to getting the perfect shot is often strewn with hurdles. Through trial and error, as well as a lot of learning the hard way, I've ended up being able to walk away with some of my favorite photographs, thanks to proper planning and preparation. At other times, I’ve relied on stealth and a little bit of good luck to come away with a good photo. Sometimes, though, it’s just not meant to be.

Travel Photography by Bike: Spinning Southward

Experience the excitement of photographer Blake Gordon taking a bicycle trip down the Pan American highway, in this B&H travel photography article.

George Diebold’s American Road trip

In 1963, when my parents took my brother and me on a six-week odyssey, visiting our national parks, they didn’t realize to what extent they were cultivating my love of being on the road in America.

Now, fifty years after that first trip, whether I’m 280 feet below sea level in Death Valley’s Badwater Basin, or at the summit of Mauna Kea, on The Big Island of Hawaii, I have a romantic vision of all things American.

How to Prepare for Photographic Travel, with Susan Seubert

In this B&H article, guest writer Susan Seubert discusses how she prepares for her travel assignments, and what equipment she brings with her.

The Travel Series: Making Stereographic Projections, with Michael Murray

It's June 19, and I'm at a diner in Twenty Nine Palms, California, staring warily at the first cup of coffee I’ve had in days. Ten days ago I was in Upstate New York, anxiously anticipating the images I was about to make. To most of you, this is a story you’ve heard before: traveling the country to bear witness to its grandeur. However, have you seen the world like this?

The Travel Series: Storm Photography Tips, with Mike Mezeul II

The weather is something we all have to adjust to accordingly with each passing day. Sometimes it’s the heat, sometimes snow, sometimes the threat of beastly supercell thunderstorms and tornadoes, especially here in the Central Plains. It’s on these days in particular that I grab my camera, hop in my car, and drive hundreds of miles to document these monstrously beautiful yet destructive wonders of nature.

The Travel Series: The Benefits of Making Virtual Contact Sheets

Because I composite many images, I use a ranking system that's only slightly different from the classic Adobe five-star rating system when going through my travel photos. I use one star for images that don’t work but embody an idea that is worth revisiting. Images that can work get two stars, if combined with another image (panorama or composite).

The Travel Series: How to Shoot 360-Degree Panoramas

When we travel to amazing places, taking pictures allows us to show our friends and family what we saw. Composing the perfect photo is a process of pointing your camera at something interesting, and shooting at the right time. But what if the people viewing your photos could virtually stand where you were standing, and look around, fully immersed in the scene?

The Travel Series: Finding the Most Interesting Things to Shoot

To me, there is nothing more exciting than flying to new locations around the globe and finding the best places to capture photos. I have been very fortunate to be able to fly all over the world and see many different locales and their resident cultures, and I find that each location offers a different opportunity for photograph mining.


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