Travel Photography 2013

The Travel Series: Changes in Latitude, Great Voyages for Travel Photographers

The Travel Series: Getting the Most from Your Mornings

The Travel Series: Capturing Cities in a Different Light

The greatest challenge in travel photography and in photography in general is capturing the essence of a person or place. The world is smaller than ever and almost everyone is traveling and taking pictures. So how do you separate yourself from the pack?


The Travel Series: Wake Up and Forget the Coffee

I am a rapt admirer of all forms and epiphanies of light. I marvel at thin rays of light streaming through a window in a dark room, backlit water and foliage, reflections, and all the created shadows. Light creates shadows, and so it is a harmonious duo.


Mirrorless Camera Insights from National Geographic Photographer Jay Dickman

The Travel Series: Mirrorless Cameras for On-The-Go Shooting

Mirrorless cameras have a lot going for them. In reality, they have “little” going for them: they offer a compact and lightweight form factor, yet they produce very high image quality. Many DSLR users are finding mirrorless cameras to be a useful tool for serious photography, and some are even “switchers,” simply for the form factor.


The Travel Series: Top Photo Adventure Locations

I am a founding member of Photo Quest Adventures, an international travel company specializing in deluxe photography workshops and unique cultural experiences around the globe. Here are my Top Ten favorite photo destinations.


The Travel Series: Traveling, Learning, Influenced, Inspired

The Travel Series: Capturing Your Travels in Motion

As a professional travel photographer with nearly four decades of experience under my belt, I never thought that I’d be interested in capturing my travels in video. But when HD video became part of my DSLR’s feature list and I began to realize the awesome storytelling potential of the moving image, I was hooked.

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