Can you figure out what this is?

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A late 1950s press camera.

It's an instant camera caled polaroid


It's a foldable large or medium format camera - vintage one. Here's the part of a front standard (holds the lens) which can be focused using a distance scale on the left.

The front of a Polaroid Land folding camera

vintage Polaroid camera front

looks like a Pro format film splicer

It looks like an opened up older Polaroid camera.

It's the carraige slide for a polaroid camera


CPU socket for a motherboard

It's the front of a speed graphic

3D Printer

Focusing Rail for a LF camera.

I think it might have to do with focus pulling on a film camera.

The bed and bellows rail for a view camera.

polaroid land camera model 800 

part of the range fold camera =)

Lower portion of the front lens standard of an older Polaroid camera.  From the 60's

High tech George Forman grill

Tape splicer.



Underwater housing?

Polaroid camera

Is the front part of a Polaroid 800 Land Camera.

i go it !!!!

its the ultimate mouse trap

tripod camera latch

It's the front of a Polaroid 110b.

Device in a shoe store to measure foot size.

a lense sizer

I would say either a Polaroid Model 700 or 800 ..... What did I win?

I'm pretty sure I'm in agreement with the folks that say Polaroid 800! I knew it was some kind of fold out camera but leaning to the 800! It's either that or the hold down for an amusement ride seat, in miniture.

It's a scale to adjust lens

Polaroid Model 800

I think it is some kind of large format camera.

The front standard on a (likely 4x5) field camera...

Looks like a bellow base plate for a large format camera. Maybe a Polaroid.

Polaroid Model 800

it's a 4x5 camera, style Speedgraphic or Bush Pressman

It looks like the locking mechanism for a Polaroid cameras lens/bellows 

It's a folder camera.... you can tell by the range finder on the left hand side and the folding mechanism

Polaroid Land Camera   

Piece of a polaroid style instant camera

Front rail and standard of a metal field camera.

Poloroid land camera

Looks to me as if it might be the bellows/lens front of a polaroid pulled out

That is a polaroid camera.  I have one like it, but I don't know if it works.

es la corredera del fuelle de una Camara Polaroid The 800

Inside of a Polaroid Land Camera

A lens calibration kit 

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