Canon EOS C70 Promises Pro Cinema in Compact Design




I was loving everything about this camera, literally drooling, until I heard it has no EVF.  Unfortunately, that's a deal breaker for me, unless Zacuto or somebody comes out with a finder that can can be attached directly to the 3.5" screen.  The EVF connector would be useful in some circumstances, but much of the time I don't want to mess with an external monitor.  Awesome camera, let's hope that Zacuto has a solution.

That is an interesting thought. I would be surprised if nobody came up with a solution for this at some point after launch.

Does the electronic stabilization work without an IS lens?  If I put a non IS lens on the C70 does it have electronic stabilization in body?

Yes it will work without an IS lens. An advantage of the C70 is that the electronic IS will work even better with lenses that feature IS.

I can't find good information regarding EF-S lenses with the C70, maybe you can clarify? Are there any limitations in using EF-S lenses, in regard to available resolutions/frame rates/etc. or otherwise? Will it have the same crop as FF lenses? And can an EF-S lens even be uses with the new 0.71 adapter?

The C70 has a Super 35mm or APS-C Sized Sensor, which is the sensor size an EF-S lens covers.  BH #CAMAEFRF works with both EF and EF-S lenses.  There will be on limitations as long as you have the adapter.

However the 0.71X Adapter is only for Full Frame EF lenses.  It will not work with EF-S lenses.


I don't see a clear illustration of the top handle nor a description of its features. Please provide some details.  Is it standard or an option?

Hi Larry,

Sorry, it was not a part of our initial batch of product images. We are working to update the product page now. But if you want the best look at the top handle (which is included) I would highly recommend heading to the 2:50 mark of the hands-on review video above.

As for details, it is a relatively simple handle which comes with a microphone holder. It does not have actual audio connectivity, you'll still have to use the mini-XLR ports on the camera itself. It mounts via the camera's hot shoe and then has a hot shoe on the top. There does not appear to be any additional control or buttons on it.

What PL mount adapters would be recommended for this? also would full frame lenses be able to work with these adapters and not crop in? 

We have a few PL to Canon RF adapters available, such as this Metabones adapter. As for using full-frame lenses without a crop you will need a "speed booster" type adapter. Canon actually just made one almost specifically for this camera called the Mount Adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x. It takes full-frame Canon EF-mount lenses and reduces the image circle, effectively reducing the full-frame image to fit the Super 35mm sensor.

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Actually we should also check the Motion Blur in this particular Camera

I'm not quite sure what you are referring to here if you could please clarify I can better respond. If you are referring to rolling shutter, we would expect performance to be excellent and similar to the C300 Mark III.

Can I connect an Atomos Ninja V and get ProRes or Pro Res Raw? 

You can connect to the Atomos and record in ProRes at up to 4K 60p. You won't get 120p or raw recording unfortunately, limitations from both the recorder end and the camera side.

So it is double price of a7s3 and much much much worse in any way. Is it suicide from Canon?

At the moment, Canon is not producing any specific cinema lenses in the RF mount. Stay tuned to the B&H E-Mail Newsletter for updates. 

What are the external recording capabilities for this (what bit depth is output as well as if RAW is supported externally)?

The C70 is capable of external recording up to 4K 10 bit. However, it does not support RAW recording internally or externally. 

I'm sure that oversight will be rectified by the magic lantern dev community :)

Awesome review and camera, does it have touchscreen auto focus? Like the C300Mkiii?

Yes, the C70 does offer touchscreen autofocus capability. 

Can you change white balance while recording, also change the lens without stopping record?

Yes, I believe it should have similar white balance controls and functionality as the traditional cinema cameras like the C300 and C500 series.

Can you add a speed booster to get FF?

What is the difference between the c300mkiii and C70 IS?

They are similar, however when using RF lenses on the C70 you will get communication between the lens and body to receive slightly better IS performance. That is the combination IS feature.

What are the stills capabilities of this camera?

This is Cinema camera only.  It does not take still images.


Keep your canon 5D or R whatever you have. I am 

Is there an estimated time for this camera's release?

Canon has announced that they expect the camera to start shipping in November 2020. 

They said Dec 4 to ship from b&H but could be sooner if canon ships early Nov

Both the C70 and C300mkii MKIII have built in ND filters. The chart to compare the three EOS products some how forgot this shared feature.

Hi Levi,

We included this feature, it's under the Autofocus and Stabilization mentions in the chart.

Yes, but in the ND section for the C70, it says “none,” which is incorrect. (At least on the mobile site. Maybe it’s different on the desktop version.)

Aha! It is only on the mobile version. Thanks for letting us know we will get this fixed ASAP.