The Top 10 Trends & Technological Breakthroughs of 2008

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is to check out all of the "best of" lists that get complied and passed around. I'm the kind of person who'll endlessly analyze the critic's picks of the best albums of the year, and make a point of trying to catch the films hailed as the year's best. This time around I thought it would be fun if B&H got in on the "best of" craze and put together a list of our own.

2008 - A Dynamic Year for Digital SLR Design

Continuing our discussion of the year's most interesting lenses, let's revisit those exciting announcements as they pertain to digital SLRs. In 2008 we had PMA, Photokina and PhotoPlus - the trifecta of photographic expositions. These shows brought forth a plethora of delectable tools for both the serious and budding photographer. The following overview is in reverse-alphabetical order (as a change) so we begin with Sony.

A Look Back at the Most Intriguing Optics of 2008

Like a full moon on February 29th, there are some dynamic events that coincide with one another and produce some very compelling results. An example of which is the Las Vegas Photo Marketing Association expo in January, Germany's Photokina in September, followed closely by Photo Plus a few weeks ago here in Manhattan; these three events combined have been the platform for the release of a broad range of lenses of into the wild to the benefit of us photographers. So let's warm up the old ‘way-back machine' and take a look at the most interesting lenses of 2008 beginning alphabetically with Canon.

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