3D camcorder

Camcorder Shoots 3D Video for 3D TVs

Amidst a new wave of releases of 3D technologies, Panasonic has just announced the HDC-SDT750, the world's first AVCHD 3D camcorder to include a 3D-conversion lens. The camcorder allows you to you capture 3D video that will play back on any 3D TV set.


Test Charts for RED and 3D Cameras

Test charts are very similar to test patterns. Test patterns are complex images used to stress displays and reveal their weaknesses, and also to help calibrate them. Test charts are printed patterns used to reveal weaknesses in cameras, and also to help calibrate them. Here, we'll examine test charts used to test RED cameras and 3D cameras.


Create 3D Movies like James Cameron

James Cameron’s film, Avatar, has helped propel 3D technology into the mainstream. People flocked to theaters to see the 3D attraction and now they’re buying the Blu-ray edition in droves. I read today that
consumers have spent more than $55 million on 3D TVs and Blu-ray players in just a few months, but I'd bet the equipment that James Cameron used to produce Avatar cost even more. The average 3D enthusiast could never afford to use Cameron’s highly refined 3D camera equipment, but fortunately there’s a much more affordable alternative.


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