iPhone Audio Accessories

These accessories give you great-sounding ways to enjoy your iPhone or iPod. You can even turn it into a virtual musical instrument, and have loads of fun listening to recorded music or what you create spontaneously.

Photography Accessories to Give You a Different Angle

Look through Facebook and loads of other photo-sharing services, and you'll see many photos from the same angle of view. Why not go for a totally different angle that hasn't been tried before? There are accessories to help you reach those angles that only Superman can get to: way up above, way down below, and ones that make people go, "How did the photographer do that?!" Here's a quick round up of such accessories.

Harness the Light: Three Effective On-Camera Flash Accessories

Part of the creative lighting process is knowing how to make the best of what you have. If you already have some on-camera strobes, but want to modify the way the light hits your subject, you're in luck—you can do it without smashing open your piggy bank.

Outfitting Your DSLR on the Cheap

As with most 'all-in-one' solutions, off-the-shelf DSLR kits have their limitations. Most include a body, lens, winder, and flash, which is adequate for most applications. But there comes a time when the zoom lens that came with the camera isn't wide enough, long enough, or fast enough for your needs. Your camera's built-in winder has its limitations, and the built-in flash also goes just so far. Beyond casual snapshots and party pictures, they quickly become anemic, and the dead-on blast of light that emanates in line with the lens can make casual portraits look like mug shots. Have I touched a sore spot in your photographic life?

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