Four Wi-Fi Radios Under $100

Americans are among the most mobile citizens in the world, so it's likely that  you occasionally miss a city you once called home. Or perhaps you now dwell somewhere with a dearth of radio stations that appeal to your tastes. Or maybe you're foreign-born, and you miss the language, news, and music of your home country. Enter the emerging hardware category of subscription-free Internet radio that leverages your home network.

Aluratek's Cinepal Personal Media Player

Though personal media players have been dominated by one manufacturer whose name starts with "A" (not Archos), not everyone needs a touchscreen or Wi-Fi to be entertained. When it comes to enjoying videos, slideshows, and music, there's something to be said for an inexpensive portable. With its generous 8.9-inch (1024 x 600) screen, kickstand, remote, USB and SD inputs, and HDTV output, Cinepal from aspiring A-lister Aluratek could turn a few heads.

Two eBook Readers You've Never Heard Of

Want the most bang for the buck in an electronic reader? Consider the Libre eBook Reader PRO from Aluratek and the Cybook Opus from Bookeen (left). Each reader comes loaded with a library of older classics to which you'll want to add your own titles. Both recognize a variety of formats and let you adjust the text size. And each reader has a few tricks up its 5-inch display,

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