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Other than Ansel

We can all appreciate the beloved Ansel Adams. He was one of the greats. His story is inspiring, fascinating and enduring. The man worked as a custodian in Yosemite National Park in order to live in the beauty he so much appreciated and desired to record. He seemed a harmonious blend of romantic artist and master technician. He devoted his life to the pursuit of what he loved. As a darkroom junkie myself, the first time I saw an Ansel print in person, printed by his own hands, I admit that a tear, (yes, a tear) fell down my face. The sheer craftsmanship of his prints was surprisingly moving. I am not here to dispute the fact that Ansel Adams was one of America’s greatest and seminal landscape photographers. I am here, however, to challenge you to find another one. After Ansel, who is your favorite photographer?

Ansel Adams Treasure Trove Discovered

"Norsigian, who is 64, still works for the Fresno school system, but he may retire this year."          — Alan Duke, CNN

About 10 years ago, Rick Norsigian, a commercial painter employed by the Fresno California School System, purchased two boxes of old glass plate negatives at a garage sale for $45 after haggling down the original asking price of $70 (hey, it's a garage sale... right?). 

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