New Think Tank Pro Speed Belt V2.0 Keeps Gear at Hand or Out of the Way

Casual photographers can afford to keep all their camera gear snugly squirreled away in a camera bag or backpack because it’s no big deal if they miss a shot. But professional photographers make a living taking pictures and can’t afford to fumble through a bag full of gear looking for a particular item.

Eighteen Important Items to Bring on Wilderness Photo Shoots

So you’re going on a photo shoot, maybe even shoot some video. Presumably you’re bringing at least one camera, some memory cards and maybe some extra lenses and a tripod. But what other items might be useful?

How To Strap $15,000 of Gear to Your Body and Stand in the Rain

Location sound... looking cool isn't the first priority.Is it Grimace? Is it the Grim Reaper? Nope. It's a prepared location audio professional who is protecting their investment and getting the job done.  This morning on my 10 minute walk from the train to the office, I witnessed a weather anomaly that I'd never experienced before. This is my 18th year as a resident of the Northeastern United States, and I don't know the official stats, but this winter sure seems like one of the worst.

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