Sam Barzilay on Showcasing Photography in Shipping Containers

Not long ago, Photoville happened in NYC. The short event showcased the work of various artists, but in a totally non-traditional way. Photoville utilized pods—giant shipping containers—and gave the artists creative freedom to design the interior however they chose to show their photos. This newly formed tradition will continue at the upcoming DUMBO Arts Festival in Brooklyn. We recently talked to Sam Barzilay about the idea of showcasing art in pods, and more about the festival.

Opening photo is by Li Hao's exhibition, "Worshippers."

Still Lifes and Abstracts

We can find many subjects for abstract and still-life photography around the house. To capture them, we only need basic photographic gear, and imagination.

A still life is usually defined as an arrangement of inanimate objects. Our homes are full of them. We may find an existing arrangement of objects that we like, such as this vase of flowers.

Editor's Note: This is a guest blogpost from Don Peters

Looking Back

Autumn: an appropriate time to be thinking and writing about cycles. The garden is fully formed, yielding all that it has to offer. The mornings are cooler with the smell of crisp change perched on the air, and once again, my thoughts turn to another year. Another year of productivity, highs, lows, little celebrations and small defeats. Each year brings better understanding of the way I work and the work that I do now, potential uncertainty about the work to come, and acceptance of the work that's been done. And the crux here is that it is all connected.

Why We Create

I wonder, if one hundred visual artists were questioned why they create, how many different answers I would hear. I also wonder how many similar answers would emerge. Often, there are two somewhat disparate aspects to why we create. One is for self-satisfaction, personal fulfillment, or financial reward. The second is one that we, as photographers, are often reluctant to admit: so that others will see and appreciate what we do.

Eileen's headshot is by Athena Photography

Slides: Lost & Found

On a shelf above my desk sits an enormous binder full of 35mm slides, neatly stored in sleeves. These slides aren’t my work though. And it isn’t the work of anyone I know.

What's in a Word Clock? - Keeping Perfect Sync Between Digital Audio Devices

We've all experienced audio that's out of sync. When audio doesn't match up with video, it feels like we're watching a poorly dubbed movie. When your studio hardware isn't synced to a good clock, it creates an odd echoey scenario that can be so subtle you may not realize your overall sound is being degraded. So what can be done in order to keep audio in perfect sync? In a word, a word clock. A word clock is a nifty bit of technology that has the sole purpose of keeping perfect time and preventing data errors with digital audio.

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