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JamHub - "The silent rehearsal studio"

Are your neighbors banging on your wall during band practice? Are your parents threatening to pull the plug on what could be the next Metallica? If so, you and your band need a "silent rehearsal studio." Meet JamHub.

JamHub allows a band to play together through a small portable "JamHub" while performers monitor themselves and each other through personal headphone mixes. Such an option is ideal for:

Treat Yourself – Holiday Deals for the Personal Studio

So you've made the rounds holiday gift shopping for your loved ones and friends, and now it's time to treat yourself to some useful toys for your home recording studio. Whether you've got a small songwriter demo setup or an elaborate multi-track facility, you're still a studio owner, and by definition that means you're always looking for a good deal on recording gear. What we've done is scour our inventory for a selection of products available at B&H for our customers, and we've compiled an equipment list below representing that elusive combination of quality, value, and functionality that you'll be using on a daily basis for as long as you're using your studio.

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